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Request For Clear Warns

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Hello, i've been playing this server for a very very long time, and I just started playing it again recently. I would like my warnings cleared, I want a completely fresh start on everything. Warns rack up after a long long time and i'm at 14 and I feel it is very unfair to me that this is happening, I was told by NIL that if you get 20 total warns you get banned. I don't want to get banned, I was thinking about upgrading to diamond before I heard about this.


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@SilentxDestroy Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can have warns removed. Or have a fresh start. It’s a permanent mark that stays with you. What NIL blown told you is true... but as of right now it is a system that is hardly used but as long as you don’t rack up warns in-game you won’t have to worry about that. Because as of right now there is an automatic system that if you gain a certain amount of warns within a two hour period it will kick and then ban. But that is rare. Even minges can barely reach that point of warns where they are kicked.

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Sorry to inform you but we do not remove warns no matter how far back they go, my only suggestion to you is to not break rules to avoid a 20 warn ban.

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