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UwU Abztractz Staff Application

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Informational Questions: 

In-Game Name: UwU Abztractz


Server you're applying for (DarkRP/CityRP): DarkRP

Estimated Hours in DankRP: 700+

SteamID (https://goo.gl/w8A3TV): STEAM_1:0:147764496

Steam Profile Link (steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx/): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255794720


How many overall warnings do you have? (type !warns using in-game chat): 5 warnings

Your age (14 & Up): 19

Main Questions:

Do you understand that any form of abuse will get you demoted and possibly banned? Yes

Are you active on our discord? (https://discord.gg/by264Qg): Yes, Very.

Do you have a microphone and do you actively use it? Yes, unless they dont have a headset.

Do you understand the Staff Guidelines/Ban Times? Yes, Perfectly.

Do you have any prior experience with ULX commands? Yes, I was staff Previously.

Do you have any prior experience using logs? If so, what kind (e.g. bLogs, dLogs, etc.)? Yes, all of them.

Do you understand you must be active and must take sits when they appear? Yes.

If you had a suggestion for the server, what would it be and why? Give Emerald lockpick to the Legend Class

What is the proper time to noclip? When taking a sit and going to an area to proceed with the sit.

What is the punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch) and what command(s) would you use? Warning for RDM x1 and a 300 second jail time, !warn (name) (reason) and !jail (name) 300

What is the punishment for RDA (Random Arrest) and what command(s) would you use? Warning for RDA x1, jail for 300 seconds and a demotion to citizen, !warn (name) (reason) and !jail (name) 300, rp_citizen (Name) in console

What is the punishment for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) and what command(s) would you use? Verbal Warn, kick, then a 1 day ban, !kick (name) (reason), !xban (name)

What is the punishment for prop block and what command(s) would you use? What would you do if the player in question was the Donald Trump job making a wall? Verbal warn, kick, then 1 day ban. !kick (name) (reason), !xban (name), Nothing as it is part of their job, Unless there are no doors on the wall for people to get through but if it's in a spawn tunnel ask them to move it elsewhere.

Personal Questions:

What is your main job as a staff member? My job as a staff member is take sits that pop up and help them to the best of my ability, and to ensure that there is no chaos going on at the time that I am

Why do you want to be staff? Why should we accept you above others? I would like to be staff because I was previously staff on the server (will not specify why not) and at the time it is a great feeling knowing I am able to help them with any problems that they may have with someone or with the server at the time. I would like to be staff because it's a sense of accomplishment when you are accepted because you are able to do things to help the server get better.

Tell us a bit about yourself? I am a very straight forward person and will do what is necessary and try to make the best decisions with what I have, I work hard to help others whenever they have a problem. I am most of the time calm headed and can think things through before I take action on the matters. I will try to find every bit of information I can to help me get a conclusion on what I am dealing with.

What times will you be most active on the server? (BE SPECIFIC!) Everyday from 4 PM CST to 4 AM CST.

Scenario Questions:

What would you do if a player RDMs you? Make a ticket and ask another staff member to help with it, if no one else is online I will let it go.

A player Mass RDMs/RDAs and then leaves the server. How would you go about banning them? Go into logs and pull their steam ID, from there I would use !xban and put in the reason and the amount depending on how many kills or arrests (1 week per 3 kills/arrests) along with 3 days extra for LTAP.

A player Mass RDMs/RDAs but does NOT leave the server. How would you go about banning them? I would use the command !jailtp to jail them next to me in a sit are and then proceed to ask why they had MRDM'd/ MRDA'd then continue with the ban as such, a week for every 3 kill/arrests. 

The server begins to lag and you suspect someone is crashing the server. How would you go about finding who it is and banning them? I would do !freezeprops then go into logs and see if someone is spamming props, if I find the person I would then bring them to a sit and jail them (Precaution so no RDM in a sit) then let them know what they were doing is not allowed and ban them accordingly.

A player has entities (Oil drillers, printers, etc.) in their base but still has their building sign up. What would you do? I would tell them that they are not allowed to have entities in a base while a building sign is up, then either have them destroy the entities and compensate them or have them remove the building sign.

A staff member begins to abuse their powers and no higher staff are online. What would you do? Record this and send it to a Higher up on discord while trying to contact them.

Any comments you want to add: 

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Your application is good but as a previous staff member that is expected. But you kinda haven't played in 2 weeks minimum as your steam profile rats you out stating that you have only played CSGO, planetside, and Star Wars Empire at war... You are expected to be active and you should know this. Despite your hours and experience that doesn't excuse you from not being active on the server. According to battlemetrics from the past month. You have been pretty much inactive for the past 15+ days. The activity you had going was still on the semi-active/inactive line. -1

As I said, activity is expected and important if you want to be staff and your activity shows nothing of that expectation. If you really want to come back and be staff and become the staff member you once were then come play actively on the server first and re-gain reputation with the current community.

Moderator Chris J. Out.

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Ill have to go with Chris on this one Abztracts I liked you as a staff member and as a player but you havent been very active as of late witch is very important to sticking to the staff team -1 From me buddy. 

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Considering that you have been staff before and whilst you were staff you were rather active and I respect that, but like was stated above you havent been on since you were last staff leading me to believe that majority of new staff members or players have never seen you before now, considering this I am going to have to give this a -1 sorry.


What I recommend is to reapply in 2 weeks or so after becoming active and learning the newer staff team and player base.

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Get your activity up again and you will be good

Reapply in ONE week

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