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Hooty's Report Against Souk

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:98164360

SteamID of person you are reporting: STEAM_0:1:88679719

Why you are reporting them: The reason I am reporting SOUK is due to toxic behavior towards my friend (getting pissed off and telling everyone where he was after dying) and because of being toxic and disrespectful towards everyone by saying "Goodnight faggots" in OOC.

Explanation of the situation:  Yesterday, my buddy *Skrublord TSL* was in the sewers as mayor.  Souk caught his location swiftly, and promptly tried to raid him.  I saw this, and being the cop I was, countered this interaction causing Souk to be mad.  Souk then proceeds to tell everyone where he was in OOC because of this anger.  The other interaction is him going to bed, and before disconnecting for the night, he calls everyone a "faggot" in OOC.  Today I asked him why he called everyone a fag, and he said "Caus I can" and I confirmed that he did call everyone a fag.   I believe that is extremely rude and toxic because it was to everyone and he as a TMOD should know hatespeech is disallowed ANYWHERE in the server, coupled with the fact that he let his own feelings get in the way of calling out where my buddy was.  Thank you for reading my report, have a nice day!


METAGAMEimage.thumb.png.de41bcf64b6b506decb123c245a7b5b2.png CONFIRMING HE CALLED EVERYONE A SLUR


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Thank you for the report, I take every one I get to heart as I strive to improve how I help around the server taking sits and interacting with the players. I will be frank, that is no way a T-Mod should act and I am very apologetic for it. I will admit, with the constant harassment you gave to me on the server, I did let it get to my head, I will not lie about that. I let it get to me when I should have taken a break, and for that I am sorry. I as screenshots are not the best in terms of evidence most of the time, I have left a handy video of the night containing everything that was about me. Again, this is no way a staff member of the server should act, and I am sorry for it. 

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