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Nep's Staff Application <3

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In-Game Name:

OniNep (aka Neptune)

Server you're applying for (DarkRP/CityRP):

Estimated Hours in DankRP:

SteamID (https://goo.gl/w8A3TV):

Steam Profile Link (steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx/):


How many overall warnings do you have? (type !warns using in-game chat):

have 17
Your age (14 & Up):

15 {Turned in Apr}

Main Questions:

Do you understand that any form of abuse will get you demoted and possibly banned?

Are you active on our discord? (https://discord.gg/by264Qg):

Yeah pretty active, talk to a lot of people in VCs etc.
Do you have a microphone and do you actively use it?

no mic
Do you understand the Staff Guidelines/Ban Times

Do you have any prior experience with ULX commands?

Do you have any prior experience using logs? If so, what kind (e.g. bLogs, dLogs, etc.)?

yes I have experience in bLogs, I was also ex staff.
Do you understand you must be active and must take sits when they appear?

If you had a suggestion for the server, what would it be and why?

Probably just working on not giving as much stuff away as occasionally as we do, it used ot be very frequently as it had died down a little but now practically everyone is VIP lmfao

What is the proper time to noclip?

When going to a staff sit.

What is the punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch) and what command(s) would you use?

The punishment would be a 300 second jail jail <name> and a warn for RDM, !warn <name>

What is the punishment for RDA (Random Arrest) and what command(s) would you use?

the punishment is a 300 second jail time, !jail <name> and a warn for RDA, !warn <name> RDA

What is the punishment for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) and what command(s) would you use?

 warn them, !warn <name> <reason>, and if they continue to FDA I would kick them !kick <name> <reason> and if that still doesn't fix it I would ban them for 1 day !xban <name> <reason>

What is the punishment for prop block and what command(s) would you use? What would you do if the player in question was the Donald Trump job making a wall?

I warn the player !warn <name> <reason> and if they continue I would kick them !kick <name><reason>, and if kicking fix it I would ban them for a day, !xban <player> <reason>, If the player was Donald Trump I would make sure he has fading doors and if he doesn't they would have the same punishment of the people that aren't that job

Personal Questions:

What is your main job as a staff member?

To take sits and help out on dankRP

Why do you want to be staff? Why should we accept you above others?

I want staff because I want to help the server out and help players that are new to the server. I think I should be accepted because I'm ex staff and i havent really had any serious issues with you guys and I would help out a lot with you guys

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm from AZ I'm chill I dont get angry that easily but I'm pretty serious if they fuck with my friends. I like food. mostly Chinese. OniChan made me a weeb.
What times will you be most active on the server? (BE SPECIFIC!)

I would be active mostly on Wednesdays(6MST-12MST), Thursdays(6MST-12MST), and every other weekend(whenever I get tired and if/when I wake up). (I wont be online on the other days because I have split households)

Scenario Questions:

What would you do if a player RDMs you?

I would put in a ticket since i cant take sits for myself.

A player Mass RDMs/RDAs and then leaves the server. How would you go about banning them?

I would get their steam ID from logs then ban that player !xban (steamid) (Reason)

A player Mass RDMs/RDAs but does NOT leave the server. How would you go about banning them?

First I would do a teleport jail them, !jailtp <name> then I would ban them for the amount of time that has to do with how many people they've killed or arrested !xban <name> <reason>
The server begins to lag and you suspect someone is crashing the server. How would you go about finding who it is and banning them?

First I would do !freezeprops cause that would freeze the props from messing with eachother. Then I would check logs to see who is spawning them. Then I would look for the person that is attempting to crash it then I would ban the person.

A player has entities (Oil drillers, printers, etc.) in their base but still has their building sign up. What would you do?

First I would tell the person to get rid sign or their enteties. If they dont do it I would kick them for NITRP

A staff member begins to abuse their powers and no higher staff are online. What would you do?

I would message a higher up on discord or on steam and evidence of them abusing


Extra Comments: if you dont accept me ur mum gai ~Neptune


sorry for edit, fucked up steamID

Edited by Neptune

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There is not much to say, your application is good but 1. you edited your application and 2. you haven't been active for the past month. Battlemetrics has no record of you even playing an hour for 3 months. I believe you were staff when I was just a player and you left for reasons I don't know of. But I am sure it was because you stopped caring. As to me, it seems like you came back and immediately applied. Which you should know that's is not how it works. Even gametracker only has 1 hour currently on your record which is from you playing RIGHT NOW SINCE August 13th of 2019... -1

If you really want staff back, show the current and active community that you care to become staff again and get affiliated with the new players/current players of the server. Get your name out there and interact with the staff team which has changed and formed a lot since I have been here.

Moderator Chris J. Out.

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I have seen you around in game in the past but I haven’t seen you recently this makes me wonder if you’ll be around to be staff again also the edit on the app even if your steam id was wrong you should’ve just left it and let a HA know. -1

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