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False Kick

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Disconnect: Kicked by Souk(STEAM_0:1:88679719) - Exploiting Next time it will be a ban | Souk.
(SOUK) False kick blowtorching is not exploiting it is an item in the game that a player can u and have.

Souk said ("Blowtorching into a jailcell is classed as exploiting")

Not really, any player can choose to be in that cell with any other player.
Plus you can't even get out of it if you were the person jailed because it will tp that jailed person back
into the cell,

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Firstly, Thank you for making a report. Secondly, I had told you MULTIPLE times in-game that blowtorching a jailcell counts as exploiting (I have been banned for doing that before I became a T-mod), as from 

 on my own ban appeal, perfekt had told me that blowtorching a jail cell does count as exploiting and in his own words: I would like to include that blow torching a jail cell is indeed exploiting, doesn't matter if you are on the inside or out, its not about them teleporting back in if they try to walk out, its about what can be put inside. 

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