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Billy RDM/Minge

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Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/😞STEAM_0:0:43005029

SteamID of person you are reporting: STEAM_0:1:185626414

Why you are reporting them: RDM and minge

Explanation of the situation: Billy adverted raid I killed him when he started raiding my base he immediately came back after callling raid over then broke back into my base. He left then came back then left and now has come back with I CUP and was pushing him into my base with a prop and then they are killing me when I come back.

Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.)  


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SexualHarassment (STEAM_0:0:65921371) will be warned for "RDM x1"

Billy (STEAM_0:1:185626414) will be warned for "NLR (x1 kills)"

I CUP (STEAM_0:0:197190266) will be warned for "Prop Exploit"




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