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clout $cout

Clout appeal PART 2

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Server you're appealing for (DarkRP/CityRP):
Your Steam ID:
How long do you have left on your ban? 
6 days
Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top):
Who banned you:
Reason why you should be unbanned:
AH HAH so I looked through the videos and pictures that Pish provided in the report and if you watch the videos I never killed anyone in any of the videos and the console log is me changing my model as I bought wardrobe the day of, I remember what happened and I only started killing after I was being killed trying to access the bank as I was growing weed at the time.

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Since most of the server was doing it it would be classified as Deathmatch instead of MassRDM. I saw no reports of people you killed complaining.

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