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Apatterson staffApplication

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In-Game Name:  NBR apatterson


Discord(ex. Name#0000):


Server you're applying for (DarkRP/CityRP):Darkrp


Estimated Hours in DankRP::300+

SteamID (https://goo.gl




Steam Profile Link (steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx/):https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DankRoleplayGmod


How many overall warnings do you have? (type !warns using in-game chat):never


Your age (14 & Up):16

Main Questions:


Do you understand that any form of abuse will get you demoted and possibly banned?yes


Are you active on our discord? (https://discord.gg/by264Qg): yes I will


Do you have a microphone and do you actively use it?am try to buy a new but for now I type


Do you understand the Staff Guidelines/Ban Times yes but I need to study them some more


Do you have any prior experience with ULX commands?how to use no no yet but I know what it mean


Do you have any prior experience using logs? If so, what kind (e.g. bLogs, dLogs, etc.)I use the commad log to double check if they advert


Do you understand you must be active and must take sits when they appear?yes


If you had a suggestion for the server, what would it be and why?for admin to take there job seriously and to be active


What is the proper time to noclip?

When someone reported a failbase or money fall though the map or the report like need to go to the player

What is the punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch) and what command(s) would you use?it to warn them if keep doing it I kick out of the server for a day

 New to be a admin

What is the punishment for RDA (Random Arrest) and what command(s) would you use?os to war keep doing it jail for 300sec and demote am new to be a admin

New to be a admin

What is the punishment for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) and what command(s) would you use?


What is the punishment for prop block and what command(s) would you use? What would you do if the player in question was the Donald Trump job making a wall?make able the player go in or out but if not ask to fix it not remove if they will not I will

Personal Questions:

Can some gave me the commands

What is your main job as a staff member?

Is to help the players of the the server with in game problems and stop rule breakers

Why do you want to be staff? Why should we accept you above others?even though I do not have admin I will not abuse my role as staff I will be fair and enforced the rules


Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is alvah davante patterson I play game a lot watch anime

What times will you be most active on the server? (BE SPECIFIC!) yes the most on a school day is 5-7hours and no school long as needed

Scenario Questions:


What would you do if a player RDMs you?i will have him a warm if keep doing it a jail for 300sec keep doing it kick out server for day


A player Mass RDMs/RDAs and then leaves the server. How would you go about banning them?that ltap then ban for a 3days


A player Mass RDMs/RDAs but does NOT leave the server. How would you go about banning them? Ban for a week


The server begins to lag and you suspect someone is crashing the server. How would you go about finding who it is and banning them?ban nocold to find a player spawn a lot thing in the street spot home and to him to me ask him was spawn all this props and then perm ban him


A player has entities (Oil drillers, printers, etc.) in their base but still has their building sign up. What would you do?

Is ask the to remove the sign or the entities 

A staff member begins to abuse their powers and no higher staff are online. What would you do? Even do am the same rank as home I ask he to stop and I try to ten full in that role to stop if he do not I have to report to the owner of no one replay I have to kick her m or kick form the game for a day or report for him to get removed from the staff

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You really need to take a look at the MOTD and Staff Guidelines and Punishments

Reapply in 2 weeks

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