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Discord Ban Appeal

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Your Name: Kilobyte
Server you're appealing for (DarkRP/CityRP): DankRP Discord
Your Discord: Kilobyte#9413
How long do you have left on your ban? Forever
Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top): Mentioning staff in a message (using @ on staff roles)
Who banned you: I don't remember the name.
Reason why you should be unbanned: I know i was @ing staff, which is against the rules, but i legit joined the discord 2 hours before that. I still play the server sometimes and have been for years, i'd like to be able to be connected with the community rather than permanently banned for accidentally breaking 1 discord rule.
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You knew exactly what you were doing. You tagged the ENTIRE staff team just to give us your feedback. You then proceeded to spam alts, you will not be unbanned, ever.



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