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ThatOneYanni Moderator Application

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In game Username:ThatOneYanni


Discord Name and #:Jotaro Kujo#7810

Have you ever been punished in DankRP:No I have not

Your Age:14

TimeZone:Eastern DayLight Time

Staffing Experience: Great! everytime Ive been staff on a server I never get in trouble

Why I should be accepted: First,I am a good person to work things out. If anything was to mess up on the server I would help to my best to fix the problem. I have had a lot of experience with staffing. I can work while still having fun.I can dedicate my time into the server all day.I can get rid of all the RDMs Fights, and keep it all under control. I know a lot of the commands and what to do about warns,Bans,Jails. Finally, I  can speak a little german and English.

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