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concern about a server breaking weapon

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hello, i dont often make any post online very many different reasons but i care about this server and have a few concerns, thank you for your consideration and time,


there are many weapons in this game that some consider over powered and pay to win, weapons like the skullsmasher or any of the laser weapons. 

however these weapons are not op in the sense that they cant be countered in how you design your base, anyone who has ever based with me or tried to raid me can atest to that fact.

however the weapon known the hound eye is over powered in the sense that it cant be countered, ive tried so many different things to try and find the build to defend against this 4 shot terror.

to those who dont know what this weapon is, it allows the player to see throu walls and props then with a short charge time, send out an aoe that dose massive amounts of damage, they dont even have to be in your base to kill you.

the only way to i have seen to even come close to avoiding instant death is to run to the furthest corner of your base and HOPE that your out of range. this is not a solution to the problem because they can simply get closer and kill you with ease. 

as ive said previously the other op items in this game are in fact op, but they are not unbeatable, the hound eye IS unbeatable and i see more people owning one every day.  as someone who dosent raid often but rather builds new bases to combat raiders , i find true enjoyment countering good players who know what they are doing, the hound eye throws all of that to the wind and provides an easy "i win you loose gg no re" situation.

PLEASE, consider the removal of this weapon,

thank you for your time


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I agree, because it can also be used to remove doors, which is not good. You can just remove the left click, while keeping the healing because the healing is useful.

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Agreed, I see the point your trying to make and think this is just way too over-powered. I don't know if it will be possible to just remove the left click but instead could be replaced by a different swep that has similar healing abilities/vision abilities. 

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I’ll lower the radius of damage as well as Lower the damage

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