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DankRP Rules

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Rules update 08/18/2019
New Rules:
Added Steal Advert (Section 7)
Added Spamming Rule (Section 1)
All users who join must follow these rules or face punishment in the form of a jail, kick, or ban. Attempting to find loopholes in the rules that allow you to break a rule will only worsen your punishment, as well say saying “I didn’t know it was a rule."
For all staff: You MUST know these rules. Asking about rules is fine when you’re new to the team, however if you’ve been a full Moderator for a few weeks and you still ask about simple rules, you may be demoted or be considered for demotion.

Staff punishments will be in Red text.


Table of Contents:

Section 1: General Rules
Section 1a: Sit Rules
Section 1b: Media Player Rules
Section 1c: Warnings

Section 2: Base rules
Section 2a: Megabase Rules

Section 3: Police Rules
Section 3a: SWAT HQ Rules
Section 3b: Law Rules
Section 3c: "The Corrupt" Rules

Section 4: Party Rules

Section 5: Job Rules

Section 6: Exploits

Section 7: Adverts and Advert Rules

Section 8: Wardrobe Rules

Section 8b: Atags/Title Rules

Section 8c: Wiremod/E2 Rules

Section 9: Specific Weapon Rules



Common DarkRP Terms

OOC - Out Of Character.
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
LTAP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment

RDM: RDM, as will be explained in Section 1, is the act of starting a Random Death Match with a player without valid RP reasons. This includes kills made in Death Pits and Purges (which if a staff member starts a purge, please report it and whoever joined in to us), etc.

NLR: NLR only applies to raids so no one can go back and kill raiders or so raiders can not come back and kill defenders after death. If you are killed in the street, you may go back. If you are killed while raiding, do not go anywhere near the base, even to watch.

Metagaming: This is when you use knowledge known to the user but not to the RP character to gain an advantage. No one has name tags or job tags above their heads in real life, so you may not assume a Meth Cook has meth in their base, even if their job is “Meth Cook”.


Minging - Purposely being an annoyance to others through audio or visual techniques that may discomfort and/or distress a player. As well as minging through annoying acts such as excessively damaging someone repeatedly.


Failure to Advert/Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown : Advert cooldown varies per scenario, i.e. Raiding cooldown is 10 minutes, but kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes. If you fail to wait advert cooldown (FWCD), you will be punished with a 300 second jail + 60 seconds for each person you had killed.


Section 1 - General Rules


Random Death Match (RDM) and Random Arrest (RDA) are not allowed and will be punished with a 300 second jail and warn. If you RDA you will be demoted (rp_citizen <player name>) from your job. If you Mass RDM’d or Mass RDA it will be extended to a week ban.


Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP) is punishable by a 3 day ban.


Adverting crossfire is admitting to RDM and if in a sit will be punished as such.


Any form of Prop Minge (spamming, flinging around, moving prop while it is stuck to make players screen shake, etc.) is not allowed and will be punished with a warn, and if you continue, a kick and then a day ban.


Excessive DDoS threats will result in you being permanently banned from the server.


Attempting to crash the server by any means will result in you being permanently banned from DankRP.


Exploitation of props, entities, or any ingame bug or defect is punishable.

There is a list of what is bannable in Section 6.


Absolutely no racial slurs or racism will be tolerated. First offense will be a mute/gag for five minutes and if excessive racism continues, you will be banned for a day


Using loopholes in the rules to avoid punishment is UNACCEPTABLE. If you find any loopholes please post them in #suggestion on Discord (https://discord.gg/B7V7n8w) for them to be fixed! If you try to abuse a loophole you will be banned for two weeks.


Making zones for deathmatch or purges will result in a Verbal Warn then 1 week ban.


Building in spawn tunnels is not allowed by any class and doing so intentionally will result in permanent ban.


You may not have a KOS sign or line unless you have a shop and don’t want past certain area(s), or you have a megabase (see section 2a for details) if you have one you will be asked to remove it, and if you fail to comply the staff member will remove it.


Do not sell or advertise ingame items or money for real money. The only exception to this is if you are selling your Custom Class, or the ownership of your Custom Class.


Scamming people in any way is not allowed, if you do not return the items when confronted, you will be permanently banned.


Certain forms of harassment are NOT tolerated such as : Constant Targeting of another player such as by using Adverts or Hits to constantly harm them or Physical Harassment where it's ensured that the person is constantly not leaving you alone and just staying in proximity of you to just annoy/irritate you.


If you’re muted and you spam admin chat, you will be banned for 1 day.


All binds that are not related MUST have it’s own bind, i.e. Raid/Party Raid, PD raid, Counter, Warnings, and Over/False binds.


Offensive imagery related to race or religion is strictly prohibited. For example, Swastikas. You will first be verbally warned, and then you will be banned for a day if you continue.


Posting pictures and racial slurs in-game so that they show up in the in-game-chat channel in Discord or in the in-game chat to be viewed in the server is strictly prohibited and will result in a one day ban for minging.


You may not use any font larger than the default one in chat. You will be muted for 5 minutes > Kicked > 1 day ban.


Building in the gambling area is prohibited.


Spamming the chat is not allowed, this is sending messages at a fast rate, it doesn't have to be the same message to be spam. You will be muted for 5 minutes, then kicked if you continue; any further spam will lead to a 1 day ban for No Intent to RP.


                                       Section 1a - Sit rules

Be specific when calling sits, not just “Admin to me!” or “RDM”. If you put detail into your report it is more likely to be noticed and taken by a staff member.


Spamming admin chat chat with useless sits, or asking non-game related questions will result in a 5 minute mute, and if done after that a 1 day ban.


If you leave your own sit, FOR ANY REASON, the case will be closed and the player in question will not be punished.


The accuser has to provide evidence that the other person broke the rules, not the defendant.


If the accuser wants defendant punished (and he/she broke the rule) staff reserve the right to reduce their jail time by up to 60 seconds (down to 240 seconds).


If the accuser calls a sit and didn’t want the person punished, the defendant will ALWAYS receive a warning, this is to keep up with players who actively break rules.


If the accuser does not want the defendant punish the staff member is still allowed to punish him as he/she sees fit.


Section 1b - Media Player Rules


You may play anything you want WHILE IN YOUR BASE.


In public, you may not play anything inappropriate (ear rape, NSFW, etc.)


Please exercise common sense when using Media Players in public (What would you NOT what people to see?, What would be too inappropriate for kids?, What would be breaking the rules?, etc.).


Note: As of the current build of Gmod the only way to use the media player is by changing your version of Gmod to the beta version (Chromium), Afterwards the media player should be working.


Section 1c - Staff Warnings


When you are warned by a staff member, you did something wrong. You will typically be jailed alongside a warn unless the person who made the report asks for just the warn.


A single warn will stay active for up to two hours.

If you get three (3) consecutive warns in a two hour period, the server automatically will kick you.

If you get five (5) consecutive warns in a two hour period, the server will automatically ban you for two hours.


The system logs your warns, so staff members are able to better judge a situation and deal appropriate punishment for constant rule breaking.


If you get too many warnings overall you will be dealt a different set of punishments.


If you get 20 total warns you will be banned for one (1) day.

If you get 45 total warns you will be banned for three (3) day.

If you get 60 total warns you will be banned for one (1) week.

If you get 75 total warns you will be banned for one (1) month.

If you somehow get 100 total warns you will PERMANENTLY banned.


Section 2 - Base Rules


You can have 3 fading doors


You may not have a Blackout Bases. This is a base that is made with one color with the intent to cause the raiding player to become distorted and unable to start or finish the raid if you have one you will be asked to fix it and the raid will continue, if you fail to do so the staff will delete portions of your base to allow the player to finish the raid..


You may not have maze bases.


You may not have a crouch, jump or parkour base.


You may not have a head glitch base.


You CANNOT have a kill box, i.e. having a base just for the pure intention of killing players via leaving your door open, offering free stuff and then killing them, etc. You will be punished the same as RDM, or even Mass RDM.


Skybases are allowed, but MUST have a clear way to get up and MUST follow all other basing rules. You may not have a Skybase for the pure intention of causing lag (via using materials that have constant moving/color changes. You may not have a fading door on your ramp, and you may not have trapped areas to the skybase.


One way props are allowed.


Buttons are allowed, but you are not allowed to use them for traps.


You may have a building sign to prevent you from being raided, kidnapped, mugged, or satan is here'd while you are in your base. HOWEVER you may not have ANY money making entities (includes meth, opium, bitminers, bitracks, printers, etc.) in your base, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ACTIVELY MAKING MONEY!


You must also be building to have the building sign up (duh), leaving up building signs for a prolonged is UNACCEPTABLE.


Anyone basing with you must be added to ALL the doors or they will not be considered active residents of the base, meaning they are not allowed to defend the base unless they counter.


Anyone inside your base that you did not allow is KOS by default. HOWEVER, You may NOT have a base just just to wait for people to come in so you can kill them. This is considered a kill box.


ALL bases must be able to be lock picked AND keypad cracked or keycard hacked. This means you CANNOT have two fading doors stacked on top of eachother!


Builder rank is allowed to build anything, everywhere, as long as it is not breaking rules. This includes cars!


Section 2a - Mega-base Rules


NOTICE: All rules from Section 2 apply to mega-bases, with some modifications (As seen below).


A mega-base is when a party of SIX or MORE players block off a whole district (i.e. Industrial, Suburbs, etc.) via the tunnel.


All players in the party must be the owner of at least 1 door.


You cannot make a mega-base in the Park (Area with only two bases and two trees on either side of the walled in area with benches), and Downtown (for obvious reasons)


If there are already bases where you want to mega-base, you will either need the occupants to join your party and full access to the mega-base, or buy their base from them. If they do not leave, then you MUST find a different place to mega-base, as it will be considered prop block.


You may not block off the whole tunnel while mega-basing, it has to either be at the end of the tunnel, or in the middle of the tunnel.


You are allowed to have up to SIX fading doors for your mega-base entrance, PLUS three per base.


You may have a KoS sign/line in the middle of what is left of the tunnel.


Section 3 - Police Rules


Civil protection and the Mayor are allowed to build inside of PD to fortify/protect the mayor against raids. But it MUST follow all section 2 rules.


Civil protection and the Mayor may have bitminers and oil in the PD.


Civil protection may put bail to unarrest people, but the limit is two thousand.


Civil protection are not allowed to base, unless with the mayor to protect him.


You act according to the server rules and the laws made by the mayor, not what the mayor tells you to do.

You cannot kill someone for stunsticking you. If someone is abusing their stun stick, report it.

Warrants may be placed upon a person if you cannot get access to them (i.e. they're hiding in a base). You may also re-issue warrants when leaving a base if the current warrant expires.

You actually have to see them break the law to place the warrant, failing to do so counts as Metagaming and will be punished as FailRP .

The Battering Ram should ONLY be used for making an entrance to the base, NOT unfreezing unnecessary props. Abuse / unnecessary overuse of the battering ram counts as FailRP


Section 3a - SWAT HQ Rules




All CP’s must have access to a SWAT HQ.


It is allowed to have bitminers and oil.


Only the SWAT jobs may build the SWAT HQ.


Section 3b - Laws


You may not invalidate the default law, or rules. If caught doing so you will be asked to change the law, if you do not do so you will be demoted.


 Each law cannot target more than one action / item. You cannot have laws like (raiding / mugging / kidnapping is illegal). They have to be separated into multiple laws.


You may not favor/disfavor specific groups or individuals with your laws (i.e. “Hobos are Illegal”, or “Micah is above the law”) this is restricted to “The Corrupt”. If caught doing so you will be asked to change the law, if you do not do so you will be demoted.


KoS laws are NOT allowed, using them will fall under RDM/Mass RDM for the Mayor and Individual(s) who broke the rules.


You cannot make laws for the pure intention of them being used to Mass RDA, i.e. “Jaywalking is AOS”, "Using casino slots is illegal" "Disrespecting police is illegal".


You cannot make a law prohibiting users from being out during lockdown for ex: "Being outside during lockdown is AOS"


You can make certain entities illegal, i.e. Bitminers, printers, oil, guns, etc.


You may NOT make basic items (Gravity gun, Physics gun, keys, etc.) illegal.


You may NOT make laws favouring weapon checks, i.e. "Random weapon checks are legal". Along with this, you may not arrest somebody whilst their weapon is holstered, only when it is out. 


Section 3c - “The Corrupt”


You follow the rules under Section 3b, with a few exceptions.


The Corrupt IS considered a Government/CP job.


You may invalidate laws made by the Mayor, as you are his main rival.


You are allowed to favor specific groups, or individuals (i.e. “Micah is above the law and cannot be arrested or killed” or “Hobos are above the law”). You are still not allowed to disfavor certain groups.


Section 4 - Party Rules

If someone damages your party member, you may kill that person. BUT you many only kill them if you see it, if you kill them without seeing it it will be considered “Metagaming” and will be punished like RDM.


If a party member is kidnapped or mugged, you do NOT need to advert counter.

You cannot place hits on fellow party members and kill the hitman right after. Doing so counts as FailRP.

Section 5 - Job Rules


Green Text = Can perform
Red Text = Cannot perform
Orange Text = See description of category



CIVILIANS: Base | Megabase | Raid | Counter | Mug | Revolt | Kidnap | Carjack)

The civilians are just the basic classes that aren’t too over the top. Just do civilian things.



  • Personal Guard MUST change their name to “[Player]’s Guard”.
  • Donald Trump may only put his walls in the tunnels and may only charge up to $500 per person. They may, however, charge more for lifetime access or keypad codes.
  • Donald Trump May NOT put any walls in the spawn tunnels.
  • Pets may only use the weapons they spawn with, nothing else.
  • Hobos may build in the streets as long as their base/build isn't intrusive or blocking the road. You may also have entities, but be warned, this opens your hobo base up to raids.
  • Donald Trump may put up KOS signs on the outside of their building specifying certain conditions for KOS (ie. KOS inside if you haven’t paid)
  • Hotel Manager may put up KOS signs on the outside of their building specifying certain conditions for KOS (ie. KOS inside if you haven’t paid, KOS if you have guns out in the hotel lobby)


CIVIL PROTECTION:: Base | Megabase | Raid |Counter | Mug Revolt Kidnap | Carjack)

You protect the citizens of the city from crime. You do not need to call counter, as you are not vigilante. Megabase is in orange since SWAT HQ is a megabase ONLY for SWAT. Regular Cops may not make a base. Base is also in orange since the Mayor does not need to base in the PD and follows Civil Protection Ruleset.



  • Secret Service must protect the Mayor at all times.
  • You may not make AOS laws such as but not limited to "AOS if guns out" or "AOS if crouching", if you want something illegal put some effort into it.
  • You may not arrest someone for being in a specific part of the map unless it is a Police Headquarters and they are raiding!
  • You may not kill anyone who is arrested or continuously arrest them to keep them in jail.
  • Mayor may not abuse the Job Demote ability! Doing so results in a demote from mayor, a warning, and a 300 second jail!



GANGSTERS: Base | Megabase | Raid Counter | MugRevolt Kidnap | Carjack)

Collaborate with your fellow gang members to take down the rival gang and claim the city as yours. All members of gangs are KOS to the enemy gang. 



  • You cannot base with any members outside of your own gang
  • You cannot base unless there is one OG member of your gang and at least one gangster living in the same base.
  • The Bounty Hunter cannot raid, base, mug, carjack, or revolt
  • Gang members are not allowed to spawn-camp. If you have access to wardrobe you must not use it in order to represent your gang. It's FailRP to use your wardrobe.



CRIMINALS: Base Megabase Raid | Counter Mug | Revolt | Kidnap | Carjack)

Steal stuff and raid bases. Includes Assassin, Cloaker, Combat Medic, Doom Slayer, Hacker, Heist Master, Jason Voorhees, Master Thief, and Serious Sam from VIP list and Ghost Rider, Nyan Girl, Sanctum Slayer, Terminator, and Tron Thief from VIP Gold list, and all custom classes.



  • All classes that wield the bludgeon can kidnap, and they must advert kidnap. Failure to do so will be punished as Failure to Advert.
  • Kidnapping classes may not kidnap anyone who has a building sign and is building inside or around the base being built
  • Kidnappers are allowed to charge 10 thousand for ransom to let a player go.
  • Hitmen are unable to base, mug, or raid. You may not complete a hit on a staff member and/or a player that is in a staff sit (on a roof with a staff member, doing so will result in an instant jail for RDM)



DEALERS: ( Base | Megabase | Raid | Counter | Mug | Revolt | Kidnap | Carjack)

Make a shop and sell weapons to the populace. All dealer rules are the same. Base is in orange since their "base" is their shop.



  • Dealers are allowed to supply themselves with weapons as long as they are for defending their base. You cannot self supply and immediately switch off the job, doing so will count as FailRP.
  • Gunsmiths may put up KOS signs on the outside of their building specifying certain conditions for KOS (ie. KOS inside if you haven’t paid, KOS if you have guns out in the shop)



HEROES AND VILLAINS: Base | Megabase | Raid | Counter | Mug | Revolt | Kidnap | Carjack)

Heroes battle the villains in the ultimate fight of good and evil. 



  • Hero's and Villains are only allowed to use their default weapons.
  • Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may KoS each other.
  • Jesus and Satan may KOS each other.
  • The flash may go around and counter crimes.




Section 6 - Exploits

Exploits are when a user abuses faults or oversights in the game’s code or a tool/weapon to gain an advantage over others.


Common exploits:

  • Looking through the top to see what’s in a warehouse.

  • Sitting on a prop and getting someone to precision tool it into a base.

  • Money duping and item duping via Inventory Pickup.

  • Changing lightsaber model to anything other than the default preset ones.

  • Using your lightsaber to exploit through walls to kill people.

  • No-colliding props to fly through someone's props/base. (i.e. Making a bench no-collide and flying into a base with it.)

  • Using the Adv. Dupe 2 tool to duplicate bases/builds that consist of builder only items/abilities while you do not own Builder. (EX. using the dupe tool to bypass the restriction to spawn hoverballs)

  • Event exploiting


Exploits will result in a Verbal Warning the first time. If problem persists it will result in a week to two week ban. Any exploit that causes major visual or performance disadvantage to the player-base will result in a permanent ban.


Section 7 - Adverts and Rules

Your binds must be clear, you cannot put all binds into one, each advert listed below MUST have a seperate bind.  If you don't you will be jailed for 300 seconds + 60 seconds for each person killed.

We do not use any type of 'FearRP' rules in our server.

You cannot change your job during ANY advert, doing so counts as FailRP


What is an “Advert”?: An advert is a way of informing people of your actions through a global chat, these rules describe the basics of different adverts and a basic message you need to type when adverting ,but you may add personalized text to the advert (i.e. “/advert I’m gonna steal your corn (Raid)”,”/advert Give me 2k in 10 seconds or I still your corn (Mug)”, etc.)


Raid: “Raiding” is the act of breaking into another player’s base to steal or destroy money/entities. You must be outside of a players base to initiate a raid, and from there you may kill any player inside the base. Anyone assisting must do “/advert Assist”. Once all occupants are killed, you may only continue the raid for five minutes. The cooldown per individual raid is 10 minutes, raiding before then will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown. After raiding a base you may not raid the same base for another 15 minutes. The only time you may raid hobos if they have entities in their base. You must lockpick a door or destroy an entity inside to initiate the raid. You cannot raid someone with the intention to raid only for kills, this will be considered RDM.


We do not allow minge raiding; this is raiding a base that clearly has nothing inside it, any kills will result in an RDM punishment.  


Mug: When mugging, you must advert your mug, i.e. “/advert MUG drop (amount) in 10 seconds or die”. After the advert, you MUST verbally alert the user that you are mugging them. The maximum amount you are allowed to mug a player is 10 thousand. If you do not give them proper time to comply, i.e. you kill them before 10 seconds it will be considered RDM and treated as such. You must wait 5 minutes between each mug, not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown.


Steal: You may use this when you are stealing items outside of a Raid. For example, stealing someone's shipment of weapons on the street, or a printer.You can kill the person stealing your items after they advert, and they cannot steal before adverting. You can advert Steal every 2 minutes, abusing this advert will result in a 1 day ban.


Revolt: Fed up with the Mayor? Do a revolt and kill him! You must have a valid reason to revolt such as laws, Mayor not doing his job, or corrupt government. The basic advert for a revolt would be “/advert Revolt, [insert reason here]”. When revolting you are allowed to lockpick / keypad crack any doors in the PD to gain access to the mayor, you can also kill any police that are inside the PD. You must wait 15 minutes in between each revolt, not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown.


PD Raid: You may raid the PD in the same way you may raid bases. You can raid the PD every 15 minutes... PD Raids should be set aside for situations such as freeing jailed individuals. 


Jailbreak (PARTY ONLY): If your party member is arrested, and your current class has an unarrest baton, you may do “/advert Jailbreak” and free them. You many only kill cops who are in PD during this period, and must wait 10 minutes inbetween each Jailbreak, not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown.


Counter: The counter advert allows you to stop crimes in the street that you have personally seen. This can be a mug, a raid, a kidnap, or any other adverted criminal acts. Doing “/advert Counter” allows you to stop these crimes and has no cooldown (crime never sleeps, so why should you?). 


Warn: If someone is harassing you, and not leaving you alone you can do “/advert Warn 1/2/3” three times in a row, three seconds a part (9 seconds in total). You MUST have a valid RP reason to do this, you cannot go into crowds or up to random players and do this to get free kills. You cannot kill the person warning you, it will be considered RDM. Abusing warns will result in a warn > 300s jail > 1 day ban.


Kidnap: To advert kidnap, you advert by doing “/advert Kidnap”. You can only hold a prisoner for up to 10 minutes, and you must wait 5 minutes between each kidnap, not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown. You can charge up to 10k in ransom for a player to get released. YOU MAY NOT TIE A VICTIM ON THE SKYBOX OR ANYWHERE HIGH. THEY MUST BE ABLE TO BE EASILY FREED BY ANYONE COUNTERING!


Satan is here: When doing /advert Satan is here, you are allowed to kill one player in your area and must wait 10 minutes inbetween adverts. Not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown.


Carjack: When performing /advert Carjack you are permitted to steal the car so long as you have the lockpick to do so, but this does NOT mean you are allowed to KOS the Owner after you have started the Carjack. You must wait 15 minutes per Carjack, not doing so will be considered Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown.


For continued and further explanation of the rules and punishments for the server It's highly recommend taking a look at the official punishments and explanations for the rules below.








Section 8: Wardrobe Rules


Wardrobe lets you change your playermodel in real time using the Workshop as a repository. Once you purchase the package, you can use Wardrobe by holding down your context key (C by default). There are a few rules you need to follow when using the Wardrobe:

  • No invisible player models

  • No player models with broken hitboxes

  • No player models so small that you can’t see/shoot them.

  • Admins are able to force you to change your player model when they see fit, and in extreme cases removal of your permissions.

Your player model must be as tall as this unknown.png?width=366&height=300 


but shorter and less in width than the tunnel unknown.png?width=357&height=301




Section 8b: Atags/Title Rules

Atags allows you to set your own chat tag! You are able to change your tag at any given time on your own. This allows you to stand out from the rest and make yourself unique.  There are a few minor (common sense) rules you must follow with atags.


  • No changing your tag to a staff rank when you are not staff.  EX. ( The Owner, Moderator, Admin, ETC.)
  • No absurdly long tags. Try to keep it 26 characters or less.
  • No offensive tags such as racial slurs even if you substitute any letter(s) in a word for emojis, symbols, other letters, etc.



      Section 8c: Wiremod/E2 Rules

  • Tools cannot be used to change your own mobility (teleporting, flying, etc..)
  • Tools cannot be used to affect other players in any way.
  • Tools cannot be used during adverts.
  • Tools cannot be used to modify anything about yourself (visibility, appearance). - Although you can alter your current model with colours/light materialisation.
  • Tools cannot be used to give yourself an in-game advantage.
  • Tools cannot be used to purposely annoy a person(s).
  • You may not spam any E2 tools. These include but are not limited to the Wire tool, drawing tool, etc.


Punishments for abusing E2 can range from a verbal warning to perm ban.


    Section 9: Specific Weapon Rules

With the exploiting and loopholing of certain weapons comes the formal use of the new section "Section 9: Specific Weapon Rules". It is used for key rules that stop players from behaving to the extent of using them for just causing chaos or straying from the weapons original intended use.


  • The C4 SWEP is only allowed to be used during raids
  • You are NOT allowed to use the Broom Vehicle to exploit into bases or admin land.
  • The bludgeon is only to be used for kidnapping. You may not knock random people out in the street with no intention of bringing them back to your base.
  • The Tranq M9 is only to be used for kidnapping. You may not knock random people out in the street with no intention of bringing them back to your base.
  • The Lightsaber is not considered a weapon unless the blade is out.


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