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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, everyone, I am Vazzible tho u may call me what u like I have been called many things Mr Moon, Murdoc, Melio, my favourite from my account in world of warcraft, Asmodaious a great necromancer, anyhow I have been playing on the DankRp server for 2 days now let me tell u I've taken some relative notice to all the effort the staff put in it's phenomenal. I guess u could say I'm on the computer most of the time tho, certain exceptions such as basic stuff like, spending at least 30 minutes in the sun, doing exorcise, only reason for it is I believe all people should at least try to be healthy, not like I have any right to talk I smoke to god damn much to be considered healthy or fit nevertheless I still try, after that I usually feed the animals this includes a fish, two little rat dogs, and I don't even know how many cats. well as u might guess after that I take a quick shower, get insulted by my roommate lol then it's back to either watching a show or playing god knows what. When I am not playing a game I mostly watch anime or something on Netflix I mostly enjoy watching movies about medieval times, also stuff that relates to magic it's usually tolerably interesting. Tho each day more boring than the last, my roommate says that's life for ya I guess he's right, sometimes I play Skyrim I find it fun for a while, then I always end up dying over and over because I can't get past a quest or something stupid like that. I'll just stick with what I'm used to, for now, I'll give it a try some time a little later on, it's like they made the new Skyrim so difficult, enjoyable tho agreeably difficult. Right now I am sitting next to a bag of grass, and my glass piece, listening to music so peaceful it's old cumbersome, imagining a dark beach nothing around with the exception of with the fresh smell of the rain and the sound of the waves passing a perfect setting to write this, the day will soon end, already almost dark from the rain clouds that drift the silent sky, as the sun tilts towards to the land of the rising sun this greeting draws its near end, furthermore a good day to whoever takes the time to read over this. The End...

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