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Found 1 result

  1. So it said tell you guys about me under the title. So ill just tell you to start, I AM AWESOME. like no joke amazing, Legen, wait for it (hope you are not lactose intolerant because the second half of this word is) DARY. That said if you know the show "How I Met Your Mother" its awesome one of my favourites, along with Suits, Full house, Friends. All great shows, would recommend. Id been on the server a while back playing somewhat moderately but at that point i gave up on gmod. Lots of experience in the game tho, over 2600h mostly Darkrp militaryrp and some TTT. I really invest in servers and games im not like an on off person or this than that and back to this, i choose something and stick. i love humor and jokes sarcasm anything. I'm 19 and recently got fired from a job at a domino's pizza place. really long F'ed up story but pretty much the boss violated my rights, i confronted him and he fired me (also then violating my rights) that is according to the alberta working standards. You know the north. big patch of trees where everybodys bored to death. im from canada and i love this song its so damn funny if you understand it. The music i like mostly consists of country and rock, and the lonely island/justin timberlake. I like queen, toby keith, blake shelton, and various other artist's. Well coming to the end of this what you should take from it is that im awesome funny and canadian. You probably want to be friends with me because im awesome. but i hope to see you in game!

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