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  1. Well I was thinking giving you a chance and not banning you, and others said jail so it was felt appropriate to give that punishment then you left after I gave it.
  2. Oh yeah I remember now, you mass RDA'd and the people you arrested said to do an extended jail time.
  3. I'm pretty sure I banned you because we we're in a sit and you were found guilty of RDA I think, but then you left.
  4. Stevin

    Ban Appeal

    I honestly have no idea how I banned him and Clementine for the same reason...
  5. I must of banned the wrong person. Idk how that happened but I intended to ban STEAM:_0:1:51240937 I am very sorry for banning you by mistake.
  6. Shedden already put out the mistakes and he can definitely learn with some time and effort I have seen this person quite a bit. He's ok in my book. Neutral
  7. Lots of mistakes in this app, Shedden put down a few, and it seems like it was a bit rushed and didn't fully go over the Staff Guidelines & Punishments. -1
  8. Stevin

    ban appeal

    From what I can remember, someone submitted a ticket for RDM and you were the one who killed that person and I tried to tp you but you weren't on the server after you killed him so I assumed you LTAP'd.
  9. Like Abztractz said, you should of been more in depth with the format of the commands. You use the !freezeprops command first then check console to see which unusual prop is being spammed. Spectating is optional. FDA punishments is a Verbal Warn>Warn>Kick>1 day ban Overall I could see potential of you making it to the staff team but I recommend you affiliate more time reading Staff Guidelines & Punishments thread and gain more hours and get more known throughout the community. -1

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