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  1. I recently Unboxed 2 perma AK47 Vulcan's ( [P] AK-47 Vulcan ) Once i equipped the first one, i had fun with it for a while. I did !unbox again and it wasn't there so i assumed when i respawned it would be in my inventory already, but well i was mistaken as it was not there and all traces of the AK-47 we're lost. Then i unboxed my second one, so i was very excited as i thought i did something wrong by suiciding. So i got killed with the second PERMA WEAPON equipped. I Respawned and it was aswell gone from all sources. !Unbox, Inventory, I even went to check the previous class i was before i switched. ( Hobo ) I have now lost 2 Permenant AK-47 Vulcan's.

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