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  1. Beach: (For Obvious Reasons) Grassland: (Because it is covered in grass) The Hood (Full of sketchy areas like a nightclub, and has a basket ball court) Subway (Because it has a subway) Cave (Its a cave) Sewer (That's what it is) Cargo (Has train cargo) These are just the names I would recommend using, if you have any suggestions just reply.
  2. Allow the blacked out tunnels to be based in. They are really great building spots, as they allow some very unique designs, and freeing them to be built in would only increase the amount of bases to raid, which would add to the play-ability of the server. Let the parking lots be first come, first serve. To clarify on this point, the owner of the building that the parking lot is attached should be allowed to build in it, but only if hobos are not already there. Like the blacked out tunnels, these spots are really really nice places to base, for example this is an example of a potential base in this area Builder rank rules. Currently, there are no rules specifying what way the new tools are allowed in bases, and whether they are allowed to make cars using thrusters and such. Smart Weld. The Smart weld tool would be a great asset to base building, as it makes welding much easier. Basically it displays which props are welded, and makes it so each prop only has to be clicked once, trust me this would save a lot of time while building.

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