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  1. The whole situation was messed up mainly because something you said was taken out of context and you were demoted for that. In my opinion you shouldn’t have been demoted, There would be no reason for Jpart to use cheats on a server which he’s Mod on, especially if it’s detectable and could get him demoted from his current position. If he makes hacks for gmod/overwatch that’s his decision and it doesn’t mean that he’s using them on dankrp.
  2. You noclip to take sits only. You only use warn and jail when it's RDM x1. You use the commands rp_citizen (name) in console to demote them and use jail and warn if it's RDA x1. You warn them, then kick them if it continues and finally you ban them for 1 day if it continues. You talk to them you don't just warn and jail them if they're propblocking. It says what times you will be active not the time you will be online. You CANNOT ban for RDM unless it's mass RDM and even if you do get RDM'd you get another staff member to take the sit for you. You check logs to see if they did mass RDM/RDA and if they did you ban them. You check logs to see if someone is spawning weird props and if you think that someone is crashing the server you spectate them and make sure they're crashing it. You get proof and show it to the head-admin or an admin you NEVER punish other staff unless you're an admin or higher. Overall, this application looks very unprofessional and you got most of the questions wrong, so i'm going to give this a -1.
  3. I noticed the server was lagging so I was looking at toolgun logs and I got an alert that you and your associate tried to unfreeze a stack of props, I then tp'd to you jailed you both, froze all props removed them I noticed that when I was removing them your name was on some of the props. You were both propspamming in the PD in the room right next to the mayor's room (not the vault). I banned your associate and when I banned him I noticed that you still had some stacked props in a corner, then I banned you for trying to crash the server.
  4. Early

    Ban appeal

    I asked the victims if they wanted him banned and they said yes, I would agree it was a silly mistake but the victims wanted banned and not jailed.
  5. I asked you to show me your base because I had no actual proof of your base existing. I decided to punish you because I had to assume that you never had a base since you refused to show me it telling me that you didn't need proof.
  6. Only when taking sits, we don't have staff on duty jobs. You also demote them from their job. To take sits. You bring them to a sit and ask the victims if they want them punished then ban them for Mass RDM/RDA. I'm going to give this a -1 since it doesn't look like you put much effort into it and since you don't know one of the most basic punishment.
  7. The problem with the prop being there is that if someone is Jailbreaking their friends they will most likely go through the PD and see that prop is there, then they have to go outside of PD, into the sewers, and go through the vents (which they might not even know where it is) and unarrest their squad mates. I tried explaining it to you when I was there with omw2fyb but you wouldn't let me speak. So i'm going to be Neutral on this post.
  8. I was in the middle of a sit and you used the swep on me and the 2 other people I was talking to, I can understand if it was an accident but they reported you and I had to punish you. I was going to originally ban you for RDM in a sit x3 but MashU told me to ban you for 1 week instead since you werent part of the sit.
  9. He was verbally warned because I got a claim on him by Maple saying he was FDAing (Using his keybinds so Maple couldn't lockpick it) and Maple had no evidence so the only thing I could do was verbally warn him.
  10. I was about to return myself but you decided to kill Hexmask.
  11. You did not leave the sit you just said it was over and killed Hexmask.
  12. Hexmask did get verbally warned to stop FDAing but I could not do anything else due to lack of evidence that Maple had. I was about to announce that the sit was over and I was going to return myself but Maple decided to kill Hexmask before I did so.
  13. Doesn't explain why I have 1 extra week on my ban though.
  14. Your Name:DBT Early Server you're appealing for (DarkRP/Basewars):DarkRP Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:126167294 How long do you have left on your ban? 2 weeks 1 day Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top): "exploting" x2, mass racism Who banned you: R E M Reason why you should be unbanned: It's not even exploiting when i use the broom to get to admin land there's literally missing props on the right of the admin area that doesn't block me from going in. If you don't want people in the admin land then block it off properly it's not my fault the person who blocked it off is incompetent. The mass racism was kind of justified since I was pissed and calling R E M a darkie and the n word with hard r. Evidence (Video/Screenshot) IF YOU SUBMIT THE BAN SCREEN AS EVIDENCE YOUR APPEAL WILL BE IGNORED! n/a
  15. You were spawning props on the skybox and when chloe asked you what you were doing you didn't respond.

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