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  1. Overall there is a lot wrong with this application, it seems really rushed seeing how you have 50/50 right and wrong in almost all your answers ie: forgetting key parts of you answers. I suggest taking time to make sure your answers are what you want them to be. Also not to mention you edited your application. Take your time and go over the motd and guidelines and really make your application it's best. Due to your inconsistent answers and editing your application: -1
  2. Your hours are really low and as Abzstractz said there is a lot wrong with this application. -1
  3. Your main job as staff is to take sits. Failed to mention anything about if it was Donald Trump. -1
  4. I was only extending a ban Neptune posted, I asked him what exploit happened and banned you for a week extending the ban.
  5. On hold waiting for @jpartalien to reply
  6. You NEVER take your own sits. You always ask for another staff member to take your sit. Mass RDM/RDA and Ltap are the same length, 1 week for Mass RDM/RDA and an additional 3 days for LTAP. Also to note, you failed to mention commands do carry out the punishment. Your main job as a staff member is to take sits. Overall this application seems rushed and/or little care was put into it. Some answers seem like you put time into them and then there are others that look like you didn't care about what you put down. I'd suggest redoing your application and base all your answers off of the motd and staff guidelines. I appreciate the effort put into most of your answers but a couple you seem to not be 100% sure on. -1
  7. This answer makes me think you didn't read the guidelines thorough enough. You would tp 3 of the victims to confirm that it is mass and if deemed, you would count to see how many and ban for the appropriate length. If unable you ban for as long as possible and post their steam id to get the ban extended. Its hard for me to tell if this application was rushed or not. All I can say for now is to study the motd and guidelines more and really take the time to make sure your application is as best as it can be. I see potential but you need to refine your application more. -1
  8. Malicious or not read the E2 rules Section 8c: Wiremod/E2 Rules Tools cannot be used to change your own mobility. Tools cannot be used to affect other players in any way. Tools cannot be used during adverts. Tools cannot be used to modify anything about yourself (visibility, appearance). - Although you can alter your current model with colours/light materialisation. Tools cannot be used to give yourself an in-game advantage. Tools cannot be used to purposely annoy a person(s).
  9. Your main job as staff it to take sits Shedden has already stated everything I'd say and I think the application is decent but I've never seen your name ingame and your hours are low. -1
  10. There is a lot wrong in this application and seems very rushed, take the time to go through the guidelines and motd and do your next application with time and effort. -1
  11. I'd wait a while to see how you like the server and it's community, this is way too low of a time to be accepted. -1
  12. Study these and make sure to play more to get a good grasp on what you're applying for and to know the community better. -1
  13. Make sure to check that he's only charging up to 500 to pass Your main job is to take sits You never take your own sits I don't think you undertand what the question was asking, it's asking if a player Mass RDMs OR Mass RDAs not both. Overall a decent application but seeing how you've been away for a while I'd like to see you in game more and get to know how you act as a player and in the community before I give this a +1 Neutral +/-

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