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  1. ChrisJ Has been nothing but a horrible admin to the server. Having sits spanning from 15-30 minutes at a time for a simple warn, False banning, toxic behavior and overall garbage person. Im a victim to one of his false bans reasoning, "NITRP+Advertising." WHEN I WAS RP'ING AND HAD NOTHING TO ADVERTISE! Nothing in chat was being advertised in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, just casual conversation in OOC not even referencing to any product or service whatsoever. I request an unban and a demote of this staff member for if you were to actually go onto your own server and ask the population about ChrisJ, You will be met with nothing but hatred for this staff member. attatched to this is my 2 week ban that was falsely issued by him. I hope to be unbanned soon.

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