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    Billy RDM/Minge

    Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/­čś×STEAM_0:0:43005029 SteamID of person you are reporting: STEAM_0:1:185626414 Why you are reporting them: RDM and minge Explanation of the situation: Billy adverted raid I killed him when he started raiding my base he immediately came back after callling raid over then broke back into my base. He left then came back then left and now has come back with I CUP and was pushing him into my base with a prop and then they are killing me when I come back. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.)
  2. Pish


    Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/­čś×STEAM_0:0:43005029 SteamID of person you are reporting: STEAM_0:1:51636054 Why you are reporting them: RDM/MRDM Explanation of the situation: In the beginning of the video I was RDM'ed by Redacted but do not have his steamID nor did I get killed by him again so do with that what you will. Souk trial mod got off and he and a few others started what they called WW3 and were RDM'ing/MRDM'ing. After a few minutes, everyone seemed to slow down almost stopping but Clout kept going. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.) I only have the video of clout doing it because my recording software wouldn't start so I had to relaunch it and it took a little bit of time for that to actually startup. 2019-08-30_06-37-58_-_Copy_071543.mp4
  3. Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): 76561198046275786/STEAM_0:0:43005029 SteamID of person you are reporting: Uhm there were a few people massRDM'ing and thought it would be easier to watch the videos. Why you are reporting them: MassRdm Explanation of the situation: Logged onto the server to see multiple people just killing everything in sight. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.) Garry's_Mod_8_29_2019_2_43_37_AM.mp4 Garry's_Mod_8_29_2019_2_40_21_AM.mp4

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