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    today was fun

    I am very glad you had fun!
  2. Hello! I am excited to announce something new. DankRP | City Life | DankRP City Life is something i've personally wanted to do for a very long time, but haven't made a push to actually do it, until now. This will be a "fresh start" server meaning no sort of donator ranks/items/jobs will carry over, as well as staff ranks, money, or inventories. City Life will essentially be the good ole DankRP server, but with a few added extras such as a banking system, CARS, clothing, different weapons, etc. The server won't exactly be realistic by any stretch, but it also probably won't be full of futuristic Sci-fi weapons and items. The server will of course be running a bigger map, but we have decided to not go with the usual evocity map, as I find it quite plain, boring, too large of a download, and not enough actual useful bases. We have instead decided to go with a version of Rockford. Below are some key points in the map I think you will like. THE INTERIORS, I mean they are just fantastic. So much better than the old downtown feel you're used to. The sizes of the bases are also drastically increased, making it more fun for groups to base together, or making more utilized bases possible. This beautiful canyon thing. This could make for some great hobo hideouts and forts. The structures, they are just so well made. Look at the interior! Better neighborhoods. You will now have neighbors you can spy on and raid. This house even has a balcony. More beautiful interiors. TACO BELL, thats right, you can now order tacos. (not really, but the building is there) Shop fronts! This will give gun dealers, etc better access to actual stores to sell from. A better Bank Just look at this interior And a vault inside the vault Beaches! A better Police Department Cool jail Nightclubs! A hospital inside of hospital Better restaurant fronts And did I mention the interiors are huge? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Screenshots of the map _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I really look forward to the launch of this server, development was started long ago, but we need to polish some things up and improve upon some things, so it will probably be another week or two before you will see this server in your browser. This is a huge step in the right direction and I really see some great opportunity here.
  3. PLEASE no more 13 year old staff
  4. Hello everyone! We have decided to purchase new forums software to better the community. These forums are far more easy to use and far more professional. You can definitely expect FAR more activity to happen on these forums compared to the other ones. Expect frequent updates on whats going on in the community, and far more interaction. I look forward to using this new software with you all!
  5. I’ll lower the radius of damage as well as Lower the damage
  6. Hi. You should join our discord server ( https://discord.gg/cA5JTKz ) and send a PM to Devin #9578 she will be able to fix this issue for you by reassigning your builder.
  7. Accepted! PM Laurence on discord to receive your rank!
  8. I really don’t think this was worthy of a report...
  9. FOLLOW THESE RULES AS PER TOS: Terms of Service: Welcome to DankRP. By registering to our service you agree to the following terms of service. Terms of Service or (ToS) can be changed or update without notice, so be sure to check our ToS regularly. You acknowledge that DankRP reserves the right to terminate any user account or any access to DankRP services and privileges at any time, without prior notice, for any reason or no reason, including without limitation: (1) Violation of the Terms of Service agreement. (2) Violation of the DankRP rules, guidelines, and requirements. (3) Owning, distribution, use, or threatening use of material that DankRP, in its sole discretion believes is vulgar, obscene, harmful to others, harmful to the business of DankRP, or harmful to other third parties. (4) Disruption of the normal flow of Information available on or through the Site or the Service or otherwise that acts in a manner that negatively affects other users. (5) Publishing of any falsehoods or misrepresentations that may affect DankRP or any third party. (6) Impersonation, in any way, of any person, entity, DankRP official, operator, or host. (7) Intentional or unintentional violation of any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation. (8) Transmission, uploading, or posting of any information that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications or network equipment. You acknowledge that DankRP and its administrators reserve the right to decide at what point and for what reason they revoke a user's access to DankRP privileges. You acknowledge that DankRP is not reliable or responsible for any data loss of any kind, hacking of any kind to the user or staff, stolen information, or stolen credit information, racism/hate speech, discrimination of any kind to any user. You acknowledge that any status, item, account, and service given to you is considered a PRIVILEGE. DankRP reserves the right to take away any privilege given to any user at any time. You acknowledge that all information provided by you when registering must be correct. You must cancel services that you have with us from within your client area only. It is not the responsibility of DankRP to cancel your subscription(s) when your service(s) are canceled. You acknowledge that DankRP accepts user donations for the purpose of adding content, upkeep, monthly expenses, accounting, legal services and any other expense DankRP has. All donations must be completed through our website. You acknowledge that any funds you donate will not be refunded for any reason, and that any purchase is a donation for Virtual/intangible Items. You also agree that you have the funds to donate, or if a minor that you have consent of a parent or legal guardian to donate. All donations for any and all reasons ARE NOT REFUNDABLE or DISPUTABLE. Any user for any reason tries to dispute a donation charge, DankRP reserves the right to terminate said users account, remove ranking status or items privilege, and ban the user permanently from all DankRP services. You acknowledge that all information, data, text, files, links, software, chat, content, music, sound, photographs, graphics, images, video, communication, messages or other materials and terms of expression (“Information”), whether publicly or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the user or party from which such Information originated. This means that you are responsible and may be held legally liable for all Information that you upload, post, or otherwise transmit via the Site or the Service. By using our services, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and acknowledge the consequences of breaking them.
  10. In April (when this thread was posted) they were permanent.
  11. Server changes As of recently (a long time) the server has suffered from awful server lag. This is mainly due to entities on the map. Most of which include money making entities such as weed,meth,cocaine, etc. The only thing we can really do, is remove those addons now to get rid of the lag and replace them with something else at a later date. Above this thread there is a poll i'd like for you guys to answer. This poll will determine what gets removed now and what stays. The top 2 voted items will be removed. DO NOT BASE THE ADDON BY HOW MUCH MONEY IT MAKES! I CAN ALWAYS MAKE IT GIVE MORE MONEY! JUST VOTE FOR WHICH ONE IS LEAST FUN AND WHICH ONE YOU DONT ENJOY DOING REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH MONEY IT MAKES!!!!!!!
  12. Do you guys even read the guidelines before making an application? DENIED
  13. Application is horribly wrong in every aspect.
  14. Rust Server The rust server has recently been low on players so I decided to make some changes to counter that. This week you can expect the following changes to be made: SERVER IS NOW 5X GATHER Sulfur is now insta smelt (highly requested) (Could be changing soon) The server is now no longer solo/duo/trio as we just could not enforce the rule enough You will no longer need to be near a workbench to craft something (highly requested) All blueprints are learned by default (highly requested) Sulfur is now 5x gather as well (Could be changing soon) Kits will be seeing an increase in resources soon. Rust Server Join Info: You may join the server by either searching "Dank Networks" in the modded category of the game Or by pressing f1 in the main menu and typing: client.connect dankrprust.game.nfoservers.com:28015
  15. Quit the witch hunting thread closed
  16. This is idiotic. RP is not to take place while in a sit. Ban justified.
  17. Micah


    The Doc has 22 more hours to reply. If no relevant reply is made after then, you will be unbanned.
  18. Micah


    Crazy how everyone’s internet/computer malfunctions the second they’re pulled into a sit
  19. I wouldn’t have banned you if it were clearly an accident. I’ll let the staff member in question have their chance to reply
  20. Denied. Application didn't meet core requirements.
  21. You must have 2 days of playtime on DankRP CityRP in order to apply. CityRP is a Semi-Serious Community. Discord activity is a must if accepted! THIS IS THE PRE-RELEASE STAFF APPLICATIONS. THERE IS NO MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENT FOR NOW! RULES WILL BE POSTED SOON TO READ OVER. Staff Application Template: Your In-Game Username: A: Your SteamID: A: Your Discord Name and #: A: Have you ever been punished on DankRP? If so, why?: A: Your Age: A: Your Timezone: A: Time Played on CityRP?: A: Staffing Experience: A: Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (Two Paragraphs = Eight Sentences) A: How often can you be on the server each day?: A: Are you familiar with the rules and understand them in their entirety?: A: Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Are you willing to work hard and be active as much as possible?: A: Is your relationship with the community positive? (If not, then explain why): A: Who referred you to apply for cityRP? (If nobody did, leave blank.) A:
  22. snippet from rules As staff, I feel like you should've known that a KOS sign wasnt allowed in this circumstance. So yes, technically it was Mass RDM. Additionally, Mango its not your job as a moderator to ban other staff. This is something that shouldve been reported to a higher up.
  23. You arrested exactly 30 people within the span of 17 minutes. Most of those initial arrests actually took place within seconds of each other. Fun Fact: You arrested a total of 74 people during your short playtime on the server. Yes, there are logs that we can access. And yes, they just disproved everything in your argument.
  24. This is just an example of being ban happy in my opinion. The user should be unbanned. A 2 week ban for pasting one discord link is crazy... just mute them.

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