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  1. PLEASE no more 13 year old staff
  2. I’ll lower the radius of damage as well as Lower the damage
  3. Hi. You should join our discord server ( https://discord.gg/cA5JTKz ) and send a PM to Devin #9578 she will be able to fix this issue for you by reassigning your builder.
  4. Accepted! PM Laurence on discord to receive your rank!
  5. I really don’t think this was worthy of a report...
  6. In April (when this thread was posted) they were permanent.
  7. Do you guys even read the guidelines before making an application? DENIED
  8. Application is horribly wrong in every aspect.
  9. Quit the witch hunting thread closed
  10. This is idiotic. RP is not to take place while in a sit. Ban justified.
  11. Micah


    The Doc has 22 more hours to reply. If no relevant reply is made after then, you will be unbanned.
  12. Micah


    Crazy how everyone’s internet/computer malfunctions the second they’re pulled into a sit
  13. I wouldn’t have banned you if it were clearly an accident. I’ll let the staff member in question have their chance to reply
  14. Denied. Application didn't meet core requirements.
  15. You must have 2 days of playtime on DankRP CityRP in order to apply. CityRP is a Semi-Serious Community. Discord activity is a must if accepted! THIS IS THE PRE-RELEASE STAFF APPLICATIONS. THERE IS NO MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENT FOR NOW! RULES WILL BE POSTED SOON TO READ OVER. Staff Application Template: Your In-Game Username: A: Your SteamID: A: Your Discord Name and #: A: Have you ever been punished on DankRP? If so, why?: A: Your Age: A: Your Timezone: A: Time Played on CityRP?: A: Staffing Experience: A: Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (Two Paragraphs = Eight Sentences) A: How often can you be on the server each day?: A: Are you familiar with the rules and understand them in their entirety?: A: Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Are you willing to work hard and be active as much as possible?: A: Is your relationship with the community positive? (If not, then explain why): A: Who referred you to apply for cityRP? (If nobody did, leave blank.) A:

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