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  1. Alright. Two things I want to point out quickly is 1. I never said that it wasn't failRP and rather professionally stated that the player you were reporting did break FailRP in my opinion. I then stated that I didn't know whether that was against the rules or not though since we have no FearRP and 2. I asked for help 2 times in admin chat asking whether it was FailRP as I even stated "Yes Right?" but got no response so I told you that I couldn't deal with it because I was unsure if it was Fail RP at the time. In conclusion, I eventually was able to contact @UwU Chan and he said that yes it was. He then stated that although the sit and time has passed and to not re-bring up the sit which I already knew not to do. Had you re-reported it, I may have been able to assist you with a proper response. I believe I did apologize for not being able to assist you before I sent you back but we had tons of sits at the time and I was getting no response. So I do apologize I was not able to help at the current time. Trial Moderator Chris J. Out.
  2. @Invalid (LilFatherFigure) @UwU ChanSadly another unexpected report. This wasn't harassment to any extent. Without the previous PM you won't see the nice and peaceful message I sent saying if you could stop spamming it. You overreacted on me and I responded professionally stating that I am just verbally warning you about it.(Maybe it seems poorly worded through text) But I never said I was going to warn with obviously a ingame warning. I said I was warning you (verbally/through text obviously in this case) and you overreacted like I said. For the most part after he contacted Avarian about it I backed off. But he came back stating multiple things back to me after I tried to constantly stay professional. The original reason for the /pm. You can see within 02:12:04 - 02:19:35 he adverted it over 4 times within 7 minutes. So, I just pm'd him and said he is spamming. First time: 02:12:04 - Second time: 02:12:43 (40 Seconds from eachother) - Third Time: 02:17:07 (Approx. 5 mins) - Fourth Time: 02:19:35 (A little less than 3 minutes) In the 2 or less hours he was on. He used the advert over 16 times. Often times two within minutes of eachother. Constantly. 1. This is after you contacted Avarian, I had left you alone. You came back stating this. Some completely different situation trying to stir the pot more. 2. After my response you continued after I tried to disengage conversation between us. 3. I responded professionally and he decided to take jabs at me saying I am "being fucking dense" 4. You can see my response, I never threatened punishment and once again tried to disengage. Saying you were just spamming it more than you should have. You continued though. 5. I stated "that is literally all you had to say" because at the time seeing him advert his bind 4 times within 7 minutes and seeing it a bit previously I was unaware of the gaps. 6. Once again you can see my disengage. Trying to avoid talking anymore. 7. At this rate he gave up and decided to report me because I guess he didn't like that i didn't agree with him? In conclusion, this wasn't harassment and rather this was a simple request I made and he overreacted and reported me for it. He was never !warn'd and he was never jailed/muted/gagged. No punishment was issued. He was only contacted about it 1 time. Every time I spoke back it was often a response. It may have not seemed like he was spamming after but to me at the time I believed he was spamming and it led to a very unnecessary reaction. I am sorry if you thought maybe I wanted to mess with you or give you a hard time but I am just enforcing the rules as I see fit and I believed you were breaking those rules by spamming and I spoke to you about it. Trial Moderator Chris J. Out.
  3. @Spucks Well that is funny. Coming from the fact you were in the /afk mode and I left you for an hour to come back. You failed to do so. Nor were you the proper PD job. Therefore I kicked you assuming you weren't coming back in a while and in terms of "Protocol." Based on what I have read and what I have been told. There is no real "Protocol". Secondly, Propblock is warn/kick/ban. Warning you whilst I believed you were AFK and were in the /AFK menu would not seem fair in my opinion. Thirdly using logs you didn't reconnect till 17 MINUTES after you were kicked and this is my logs. 1. You connected at 06:17:21 2. You switched to SWAT job at 06:25:49 3. 06:25:49 - 07:32:33 You were autoswitched to citizen for /AFK. (1 Hour of "4 Hours of building") Therefore this building you did 4. I kicked you approximately an hour and 10 minutes after you were afk. This is including the AFK switch to citizen which takes "5-10 minutes". 5. I clocked in 8 minutes after you connected, I was on the server before that and have no logs of you using props between any of the time frame. In conclusion, there is no protocol and it was the fairest response to you holding the PD hostage with your props and being AFK. I was suggested to remove your props using remover tool after, which did seem like a better response but nor was this response to you being AFK/Propblocking. Secondly, this just seems like a petty act in order to ruin the decent reputation I have been having recently. Didn't think you would really report this as you seemed to have it duplicated anyways as you had the base set back up minutes later with NO changes to the base design and after you made a false sit in order to "question" me. You lied pretty much through most of this report. You never spent 4 hours. You were never actively building. I never went AFK. Lastly, you never lost ANY work. Please don't take Petty shots at me. Trial Moderator Chris J. out.
  4. +1 Probably the wrong section bud but yea this happened to me as well. Although I contacted an admin and received compensation.

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