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  1. On second thought, i looked a little bit into it, because Advanced Wiring Tool isnt a thing anymore. It is named Wiring tool which is already in the server. It is the fading doors. The ones that are in the server dont support Wire. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=115753588 These are the ones that do. I legit paid 25USD just to use the Smart Openers. I know its fucked. If noone makes a consideration for changing the Fading Doors, then thats sad, really. All the keypad addons you have are supported from this Fading Door mod. Please, please, please, make a consideration for changing the Fading doors, its not difficult. Or at least add this one aswell.
  2. There is literally no point having wire mod and charging 25usd for it if you dont have Advanced Wiring tool. You cant use the gates, screens, E2 Chips nothing. Please add it.

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