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  1. Ever wondered ... why you are craving beans? It's because, well, beans. They melt in your mouth and taste like the sadness and tears of children. Would you consider them ... edible? 


  2. I believe that Neptune and UwU Chan said most that needs to be said. You don't seem to have put much effort into reading the rules and the staff guidelines. The reason we are not allowed to take our own sits is so it wouldn't be biased, and is stated in the staff guidelines. I think you could make a better application, if you took your time and read the guidelines. If you want to get accepted, you have to put 110% into your applications. Since a good chunk of the application is wrong, and we don't see you put in your best effort, I will have to conclude with a -1
  3. You have a really low play time, you are gonna want a 60+ play time for a higher chance of becoming staff. Your job as staff is to take sits and enforce the rules. Over all, I really like your application, other than a few minor mistakes. I think it was well made and you put a lot of time into it. However, I've never seen you yet, and you have a really low playtime on the server. Also, your application was edited, which isn't allowed. You MAY NOT edit your application once you post it... - Micah in the [DARKRP] Moderator Application Template. I'll leave this up to the higher ups to decide on what is done with the application. Neutral
  4. thx


  5. All though I do see you put a good amount of time in this application, You don't seem too familiar with the staff guidelines and punishments. Meaning, your punishments for RDM and RDA as well as FDA and some other punishments are not correct. I think if you spent some time reading the staff guidelines and punishments this application would be better, and you would be able to answer a lot of questions better without having to guess. Please read this post to understand how our punishments and other rules work regarding staff. Over all, I think this application was thought through, but you didn't have the information needed to answer the questions correctly. I haven't seen you in game from what I know, you may want to get more well known around the community. -1
  6. The entrance to the tunnel was fully blocked, otherwise I would not have banned you. However, I personally think you should be unbanned, after all it could have been an honest mistake.
  7. Prop blocking spawn is a prema ban, and it was blocking an entire tunnel.
  8. You don't seem to have put much time into this application, a large amount of the questions are not filled out. Also, a large amount of the questions you answered are wrong, such as if someone RDMs you, staff aren't allowed to take their own sits, and it doesn't look as if you took the time to read the staff guidelines and punishments. -1
  9. I agree with Abztractz, you have very low play time, and some information isn't filled out. Please take more time reading the staff guidelines and punishments, as well as getting known around the community more. -1
  10. Please go to this link for the template needed to apply for staff:
  11. If the evidence proves it wasn't RDM, then you will be unbanned. If you want to prevent this happening next time, record your game play alright. That way, if it wasn't mass RDM, you would have proof.
  12. Hey, so you said multiple people were stealing your gun cabinets, and so you killed four people. What I saw is one guy stole one of he gun racks and so you killed four people. In death logs it all happened in one minute, so it showed you kill four people within the span of one minute. I gave you plenty of time to explain and you had given no evidence that it wasn't RDM. You killing four people in one minute and not justifying it really only looks like you finding a reason to rack up kills. If you can provide evidence, by all means send it and I will be deeply sorry. Other than that, I can't do much because there was only proof of it being mass RDM, no proof making it not mass RDM. Sorry you had to go through this trouble and waiting a week is kinda tedious for a ban. If you provide any proof I will gladly accept the appeal. Until then, I can't do much.
  13. In ghost logs, I didn't see an arrest baton, so all I saw in that sit was him committing mass RDM. He killed him four times in a row spawn camping and didn't try to call a sit for RDA, so there is no evidence I saw of the police attempting to arrest him. @jpartalien
  14. The punishment for mass RDM x1 is a one week ban. I do not have the power to extend a ban further than one day. This case it closed, please do not respond here again.
  15. Lying sack of crap. 


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