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  1. Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:439616625 SteamID of person you are reporting: STEAM_0:0:451997500 Why you are reporting them: Guy is blocking off a machine and killing anyone who was walking in. Explanation of the situation: Guy blocked off machine, he kept killing anyone inside of it (dont have photos of him killing). Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.)
  2. Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:439616625 SteamID of person you are reporting:STEAM_0:1:509358408 Why you are reporting them:STEAM_0:1:439616625 Explanation of the situation: Guy is using props from the f4 menu to prop push the cars. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.) rp_downtown_tits_v2 2019-9-3 00-22-51.webm
  3. I agree with Chris J with the Admin abuse part. The fight club was my base and like I said before, Grey was spawning cars and props into my base to ruin everything. -volvo1444/1legacy
  4. Your the one who took it personally. Being rude and toxic to me lol. But I don't care. Good luck with your report and hope someone does something about it. Sorry if it pissed you off. -volvo1444/1legacy.
  5. LOL. This is too funny. I saw you doing it, ask Chris J. Your mad over me saying my side when you clearly can ignore? hm... -volvo1444/1legacy
  6. Ask Chris, he was there. You also thought I scammed you over when the guy won, I got rdaed. I don't really care this much since your now in my party, just wanted to say my side.
  7. If I could add, Grey was also minging by spawning items/trucks into my base (warehouse by pd) and you were asked to stop by Chris. I can understand the money part but he didn't Admin Abuse, he was just doing his job. -volvo1444/1legacy
  8. If you guys don't mind, I was in the sit with Chris J and saw what Kmart was doing. Chris told him to stop mic spamming in the sit and of course, Kmart came back and kept doing it. Chris made the right decision. -volvo1444/1legacy
  9. I wasn’t spawn camping. That is now a lie and I just took a photo of that. I wasn’t spawn camping. Check what he had out every time he died.
  10. Yes I did. Even Papa Daddy Policy watched it and attempted to tell him too. He didn’t even check logs he just banned me.
  11. Lying sack of crap. 


  12. Ok now, I am super mad. He extended my ban from 1 day to 6 days 12 hours and 20 minutes. This is bull shit. He lied saying I had to many warnings and that I had to be “banned” instead of being jailed for killing a kid who was attempting to rda me multiple times. Ask Papa Daddy Policy. Please someone get on this.
  13. Also, so if someone comes at you attempting to rda you, wouldn’t you kill the person? I prevented myself from loosing my guns that I had. You didn’t even check logs when you jailed and brought me to the sit.
  14. Lol proof? Check logs on what he had out when he died. How am I able to get proof of him coming at me and attempting to rda me. Ask Papa Daddy Policy. He even came to the sit where you banned me at and attempted to explain and you didn’t listen. Check logs on what he had out when he died.
  15. Also to add, I have eyewitnesses such as Papa Daddy Policy who was there watching the kid attempting to rda me.

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