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  1. Never Remove there Entities Remove there Sign. You Warn/Kick/Ban You do !freezeProps the Spectate Them if you have time Kick them and ban them for along as you can and Give it to a Higher Up to ban Permanently You jailtp to you With !jailtp (name) and Tp the Victims and Ask them if They want him Punish then ban him for the Week or 2 You Do the Same the the one above. Jailtp Him and Ask the Victims of they want him punished You call another Staff member and if there is not one on put it in Player-Reports You main Job as Staff member is to take Sits and that is It. You have to jail Him for 300 Sec by !jail @ or (Name) 300 and !warn (name) RDAx1 and put what you said in console Pls Read Up on the Rule -1 ~Syenet
  2. I Was Spectating you and you where using the Sword for the Class Excalibur And that Sword go Though World props, and the Logs don't Show your name but Abz can back me up User Should Stay banned ~Syenet
  3. Your Last one Said 4 to 5 hours Spend more time on the sever and getting to know the Community -1 ~Syenet
  4. You do !FreezeProps in chat and You check logs and see if there out of the Ordinary Props and you kick them and then banned them for max then a Higher up will perm ban them You !jailtp them to you and then Tp the Victims and you ask if they want him Punished You tp the Victims and ask for punishment then you do /logs hit his SteamId and ban him for the 5 Days You make a Sit because Staff Don't take Their own Sits Your main Job is to Take Sits I think you need to read the Staff rules and Guild Lines and put Effort in it -1 ~Syenet
  5. You where given the right amount of time for Propblock Spawn and you kind of Admitted to your Propblock in this Quote at the Bottom Propblocking spawn with the intent of players not being able to leave - Ban as long as possible ( Perm ban) That is Strait Form Staff rules and Guild lines I think this player should Staff banned Stay Banned ~Syenet
  6. Trump Gets the same Punishment as anyone else Make Sure you do it in this order Warn/Kick/Ban Them Make sure you still Tp the player's and then Ban him Make Sure you Kick Him before you ban him so it does not make the lag worst I think you could of Spend of more time Doing the App and Read up on the Staff Rules and Guild lines. -1 ~Syenet
  7. The Command is !deathlogs for Rdm only use /logs for Rdm cases are Damage Make Sure you Warn them for RDA You Main job as Staff is To take Sits You Did not Mention the Normal Player and it is "1 Warn/Kick/Ban" Sam for Trump Please Read the Staff Rules and Guide Lines. -1 ~Syenet
  8. Never Noclip into someone's base tp them out of the base onto a Roof and take the sit there. Never Ban other Staff members get Pic/Video Evidence and send it to a Higher up "Head admin" The only Time you are allowed to NoClip is to and from a Staff Sit "Sit Area" -1 ~Syenet
  9. I Have Seen you on a bit around the Server and i did not have any Sits With you in a Bit But you should read Up on the Staff Guidelines and Punishments. -1 ~Syenet
  10. You missed the major key points of the rules and I agree with Jp 100% it does seem Rush but next time take time on it read the rules, and get to know the community when doing so -1
  11. Jp Said so Good Points but you seem like a good guy and sometimes you do so bad things +/neutral/-
  12. It is A Little Low But I have Seen you around at Night and a Very Early in the Morning It Does look like you know a Bit about the rules and everyone Deserve a Shot at it +1 ~Syenet
  13. The Application Was Fine And I think you could of Spend more Time doing it. I have Never Seen you around the Sever and Never got into a Sit with you But your Age is on the low Side, I will like to see you on the Staff team and do Good in the future NEUTRAL ~Syenet
  14. It looks like it is rushed and next time look at the Staff rules and Guide lines -1
  15. Mr.Electricidad Said everything that I Thought that was Bad and I see you Trying a Lot to get into the Staff Team i like that you are determine to get in But with a little bit of Training You will Fit in fine +1 ~Syenet

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