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  1. oh admins the shitty admins fuck off u pricks U are assholes Some of u are awesome but most are not fuck the admins especially squid
  2. @LeFleur I said it once also how do i delete this account.
  3. They wont give u one. They wont give me one. They say "ask a friend."
  4. Your Name: Damn squeaker Server you're appealing for (DarkRP/CityRP):DarkRp Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:200603404 How long do you have left on your ban? alll of it Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top):Mass rdm + excessice racism Who banned you: Alphayeet Reason why you should be unbanned: I shouldn't be unbanned completely as i guess i did mass. But the excessive racism is bullshit i only said the N WORD ONCE. So I request my banned be shortened by a day.
  5. @jpartalien here it is. STEAM_0:0:200603404
  6. btw my in game name is damn squeakers or damn squeaker.
  7. SteamID of person you are reporting: Its alphayeet Why you are reporting them: false warn Explanation of the situation: I got an rda warn because i arrested a guy for runfast which was against the law and apparently thats " against the rules" but it was not a mass rda law. the evidence is in my warns
  8. I got rdaed for arresting someone with a runfast swep when it is against the law. It doesn't say in the rules you cant do that. It is not an intention for mass rda. Like he said.
  9. I got falsely warned for rda. I arrested someone for being wanted and they said thats rdm.
  10. In-Game Name: Dumbanddumber2 Server you're applying for (DarkRP/CityRP): Dankrp Estimated Hours in DankRP ( https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/😞 link doesnt work but i estimate at least 20 hours SteamID (https://goo.gl/w8A3TV): STEAM_0:0:200603404 Steam Profile Link (steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx/): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198361472536 How many overall warnings do you have? (type !warns using in-game chat): 7 Your age: 13 Main Questions: Do you understand that any form of abuse will get you demoted and possibly banned? I understand. Are you active on our discord? (https://discord.gg/by264Qg): I didn't know you had a discord and i just joined it. Do you have a microphone and do you actively use it? I don't have a microphone but I will get one soon Do you understand the Staff Guidelines/Ban Times yes I just read them/ Do you have any prior experience with ULX commands? I know the commands but have never used them. Do you have any prior experience using logs? If so, what kind (e.g. bLogs, dLogs, etc.)? no but I know the commands Do you understand you must be active and must take sits when they appear? yes/ If you had a suggestion for the server, what would it be and why? I would make it so you can counter kills What is the proper time to noclip? when you are trying to find someone. not when you are raiding and doing normal in game stuff. What is the punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch) and what command(s) would you use? 300 seconds and one warning. What is the punishment for RDA (Random Arrest) and what command(s) would you use? 300 seconds and a demotion and a warning What is the punishment for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) and what command(s) would you use? a warn What is the punishment for prop block and what command(s) would you use? What would you do if the player in question was the Donald Trump job making a wall? a warn and if trump was making s wall if he made it a fading door it wouldn't be propblock Personal Questions: What is your main job as a staff member? to kepp the server as fun as possible Why do you want to be staff? Why should we accept you above others? I want to be staff because I have some experience. I also want to be able to have server justice. Tell us a bit about yourself? I LOVE computers. I can code a bit What times will you be most active on the server? (BE SPECIFIC!) between the times 3:45 and 6. Scenario Questions: What would you do if a player RDMs you? call an admin {or if you are one jail him for 300 sec and give him a warn) A player Mass RDMs/RDAs and then leaves the server. How would you go about banning them? its ltap and you do !xban A player Mass RDMs/RDAs but does NOT leave the server. How would you go about banning them? jail them, talk to them, and ban them The server begins to lag and you suspect someone is crashing the server. How would you go about finding who it is and banning them? use noclip to look around and if you see them ban them A player has entities (Oil drillers, printers, etc.) in their base but still has their building sign up. What would you do? tell them to take the sign down A staff member begins to abuse their powers and no higher staff are online. What would you do? report it to staff later

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