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  1. A lot of warns... This application looks ok in terms of Grammer. Some spelling mistakes here and there. Besides that I think another chance would be justified. I want to see what other staff think of you. I shall give this a. NEUTRAL
  2. I would make sure it's not near spawn. NEVER take your own sits! It can lead to bias and you might not even know your brain is doing it. You would call another staff member to take the sit. Your MAIN job as staff is to take sits. Every 3 kills is 1 week. If 5 weeks is hit it's a permanent ban. In my opinion you have put some effort into this application. Everybody makes some mistakes and I think you may be able to get the job if you are a bit more active. I've only seen you for my first time today. I shall give this a. NEUTRAL
  3. Not a valid steam ID You should try to be more active. It helps getting up to date on everything. There is no "job" you are always on duty. In my opinion I don't think are ready to be staff. Plus the first time I saw you on the server was today. Become more active, get to know the community and staff. And also put more time and effort into the questions and answers. Also I doubt you have 56 hours considering I saw you only today. I rate this a. -1
  4. I cannot change the log system. If you want to suggest a feature go to the discord and in the suggestions that type your suggestion there.
  5. Much better name 11/0 change
  6. dahacker

    A poem for LeFleur

    This is a sad day for human kind. Karen took the kids ACCEPTED!
  7. No thanks I am good CJ. CJ NO FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN!!!
  8. dahacker


    It was a possible server attack I had similar issues.
  9. dahacker

    The Alphabet

    Best waste of website server storage I've ever seen.
  10. dahacker

    roast me

    Take off the costume. Furry freedom day aka Halloween is over dumb bitchass.
  11. I feel that Ruby is telling the truth. You can't see where someone warned you in advert chat. If video evidence with the situation was provided I could understand why this report is being made. Ruby was doing their job. Thought the agressiveness was not needed you did pester them quite a bit. Also I checked discord I see no chat logs of what was said. [Discord does not log /ooc /advert or any other staff commands or chats only near player chat] Regarding this report I think the staff member in question should NOT BE PUNISHED
  12. Please refer to the formatting for moderator applications here: And copy and paste the questions along with it.
  13. In my opinion, 31 Warns seems to be too much for the staff role. Pointed out by others above and putting printers in jail is not good. Unless you can prove yourself by not gaining much warns next time and acting better I give this a. -1
  14. You broke the cage when I said not to (refer to the motd on exploiting) and you did mass RDM over 5 people. BAN SHOULD STAY

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