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  1. snarled your picture describes kinda how it was they just made warrants arrested and mass executed us.
  2. so i keep having these douchebags attack me on dankrp saying because admins banned them they are gonna minge on the server and punish players by mass rdm can you give us more jobs with guns at least when admins are off so we can defend ourselves? they killed me 7 times because a admin banned one guy!
  3. please ban jacob wilson and his soviets they are just messing with everyone and anytime mods get in the way they just do worse like they wait outside spawn and shot me
  4. i just want to state my opinion i think he should be unbanned based on the fact no one is asking real questions like what else has he been banned for is he and is however any offenses hes done make him a minge or what because a perm ban for making a wall blocking spawn its seems extreme to perm ban him
  5. my name is josh pretty much love this community i think its awesome but i think there is room for improvement countermeasures to minges who the admins seem to miss because they are understaffed not trying to diss just want this server to be the best one!
  6. I was thinking we could add deathtroopers to dank rp i know it seems like a dumb idea but i honestly think it would be cooler because the idea that we have star wars guys in the match would kinda balance the power between the overpowered minges with sniper rifles because ive noticed that everytime i join like one time there was a guy called "jerry the 50 caliber gunner" and he would snipe me from the hotel so to counter what call minge snipers and be cool at the same time is deathtroopers with sniper rifles this is just a suggestion for a temporary fix until we get admins into the server to ban these little pricks!

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