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  1. why tf is this still here xd
  2. there is no weapon in the game that makes a bullet curve if it was crossfire I can understand but not that bullet flew around a corner and killed 5 people.
  3. I like meowky I really do, but fucksake dude flew around the map? xD., in my opinion, the ban should stay, your a cool guy but I don't believe the bullet flew around the fucking map lmao
  4. jesus drake it was simple ass question, you might as well be banned from the forums as well seen as you're banned from discord and gmod LOL
  5. drake do you have something against mashu or what?
  6. Please Close this thread, there's no point in reporting someone if my only evidence is their voice. I shall try harder next time I want to report someone.
  7. no i'm trying to prove that it's you because i know it for a fact, your voices sound very similiar and either way, you rdmed in the video but that's not the point. you went onto your alt while your suppose to be banned.
  8. my point is, is that it's most likely you thats my point
  9. well your voice and the voice i recorded is super fuckin familiar
  10. nigward knew about this and even encouraged me to report him because the evidence is pretty relyable
  11. shame i didn't get screenshots of you saying it was you
  12. and yet in one of my screenshots, what you are saying is false

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