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  1. Waiting on @[IFN] Abztractz [TM]'s reply. He is the one who banned you.
  2. I have not seen you much around until recently, your motd knowledge needs work. I have seen you in game. Take time to reintroduce yourself to the community. Neutral
  3. In my honest opinion, I don't think you are being all too truthful about your hours, I have only ever seen you on the server yesterday. That being said, I have seen you in-game, I have had no sits with you. But I don't really think you should be applying when your hours are this low. Spend more time with the community and get to know everyone first before applying, and be honest in your answers. -1
  4. Your application needs some fixing for sure, especially with your answers. Everyone else knows who you are, I do not. Spend more time on the server, reintroduce yourself to the community, and read the MOTD, as it is changing constantly. -1
  5. If you really wanted to be staff again, then you should have no problems answering these questions. That being said, you haven't been active on the server either. Put more effort into your applications, show that you want the position. -1
  6. I agree with Jpart's statement above, you are not mature enough to be staff. Through my interactions with you in-game, and the amount of warns you have, I do not think you should be staff right now. Change how you interact with staff, follow the rules and change your behavior, and you may be able to try again. -1
  7. Propblock of spawn is a grave offense. You should know better not to propblock spawn under any circumstance.
  8. Squid

    Ban Appeal

    You are only able to have one hit, as I recall, you were killing people without hits as well, and calling crossfire. Crossfire can happen, but it is still RDM, you be thankful you did not get anymore time added to your offense for the other kills you did. There is also a clear lack of evidence, I do not have the logs from when you killed the people. I may have over counted the amount of kills, misjudging it to be 6 kills rather than 5. Ban time should be reduced to 1 week.
  9. You know... I did tell you to make sure your base could not be entered easily through the front door, as an open entrance is an invitation for people to walk right into your base. In your words, if I am correct, you did not want to edit your base to where you had a door blocking off the entrance, because you hit the fading door limit. You should have changed the door. As pointed out by Yeet777 above, any base that allows people to walk in for the sole purpose of killing them, is considered a killbox. You should know the rules. BAN SHOULD STAY. Eddie and Cyberlion Should NOT be punished.
  10. Strong application, formatting is meh but that's not a real issue on my end. You have a great understanding of the MOTD and Staff Guidelines. I have met you in game, you are a very chill dude indeed. I have had no sits with you. That being said, I think it is worth giving you an interview, best of luck on your application process! +1
  11. Squid


    After reading through your application, and as kindly pointed out by Jpart, you have too many incorrect questions. Your age is below 13. Discord TOS requires that you at least be 13. Please read the MOTD and Staff Guidelines so you understand what you are applying for. -1
  12. You are lucky only one guy reported you for RDM and you got one warning. You should know better as an ex-staff not to go around shooting random things, I feel as though Cyber did not do anything wrong here and acted accordingly. Even if the other players walk into the beam (intentionally or unintentionally), you really shouldn't be firing it into the ground when you know people are not smart enough to avoid it. Cyberlion should NOT be punished.
  13. Your application is good, your in-game attitude however, is not. I have talked to you in game, you are generally mingy and irritable. You have a very nice application, good formatting, easy to read. However, you need to spend more time reading the MOTD and Staff Guidelines. All I ask is that you respect not only other people, but staff as well, take the time to change how you interact with others. -1
  14. Squid

    Mod Report

    Please post some evidence about what happened. Also waiting on @Yeet777's response.
  15. I agree with Perfekt, after reading your application above, I was not impressed with your lack of knowledge on the MOTD and Staff Guidelines. Your warnings are at 20, which is high considering you want to be a staff member. I have seen you in-game, and have had sits with you. Please take time to read both, if you really want to be staff, you should put more effort into your application, like you want to be hired for a job. -1

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