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  1. IDK I think he is that rank on cityrp
  2. Keep pointing out trivial facts your just wasting your time get some real proof before replying again.
  3. Its exploiting to get up there so yeah he did. Also if you actually thought this why jail him at all? Because I'm right... No you can just use your light saber to get up there or even lazer jetpack. You didn't supply prof. for that so I can't do anything about. Could have gagged or i dont know, asked know to stop? Does not ever give you the right to leave me out of my own sit to go and abuse. Thank you for admitting that you were a childish prick. Why tf would you do this? It was my sit and it was over and all you were doing was harrasing me to tell me i was wrong. How is this harassment and learn how to spell. But this also shows how childish you are. Plus, I was not being rude to you or calling you names I was just resolving everything. So either what you are saying here is you were trying to prove your unbias by not banning him or you hate me more... I guarantee if you check chat logs maple called for you by name. Why tf would he do that for someone why deeply hates him? He did really guess he I didn't see that. Trying to talk to me isnt tp'ing me after 3m of the sit ending to tell me im wrong again... Um then I guess I don't know how to talk I guess.
  4. Ok now I am pissed saying I was rude to you are you kidding me I showed you both respect and then you say I was harassing you on top of it! Really I was try to tell you what happened so you under stand what happen and so you could have fun not have to think about it anymore I was just trying to help you and this is what I get. I see how it is then... I am sorry but I did what I had to go off of so if I didn't make you happy I want to let you know I tried my best and that I just want to make you happy by telling you what happened so you weren't left in the dark but if this is how your gonna be I guess I have nothing else to say then.
  5. Yeah and admin is going to have to look for it drake it was to far back for me to see it.
  6. Chris you messed up bad and I can check ULX logs for you Drake
  7. First of I did not physgun you I only didn't to move you away from maple DURING the sit so I couldn't hear him because you were screaming not listening to anything I had to say so I had to bring him to the roof next to the other roof. After I talked to Chris which said he had already talked to Texas about this confirmed that he didn't do anything wrong because on that shelf area he was building was not a safe zone. By the way, people in the safe zone cannot be killed by guns to my knowledge. Also, the people he did kill were raiding him. Also after I talked to maple I tried to talk to you. But, you ran away I brought you back to the sit with TP and you still were not listening to me and you were yelling so I couln't speak with you then you ran off the building and killed your self then I went to your body to try to tell you what happened but you still were screaming at me and not letting me speak. Then After you respawned I went to you for the last time and you didn't listen so I PMed you in game. By the way, turbo asks me to come to handle the sit because it was getting out of hand for him and he didn't want to anything bad and even tip and minrr and Texas know my hate for maple so you saying that I came in to save him makes me laugh. I handle all my sits without choseing any sides even when it is a mass RDMer or RDAer I will still give them both the same respect and proper punishments no matter who they are and you can confirm this because I have had to ban my friends before and I did it without batting an eye. I take my job very very seriously.
  8. Yeah, there is never any RP in sits. I think this ban is justified.
  9. Little low for my taste and I haven't seen you on that much. You are always on duty and only use it to get to the close sit area or when using the !goto command. But once you go to unnoclip if it is unnecessary to noclip. You didn't Include warning and also we don't kick for RDM and you didn't show me the commands. So to me it looks a tad bit rushed. You are also missing the RDA question on your app. it looks like you deleted it to try to avoid answering the question. Again well formatted but still looks like you were to lazy to show the commands. Again didn't show the commands and you would not just let Trump go. He has to abide by these rules too. You can not take your own sit. You changed the question to avoid answer mass RDA and it wouldn't be LTAP if you didn't bring them to a sit and you would check logs and adverts and get at least three people to confirm the mass RDM or RDA. NO you would FIRST !freezeprops then check logs and ban them for as long as possible. From what a stated above I am going to have to give you a -1
  10. For jails you just do !jail @ 300 But the warn part is good. I am confused if you are perma banning them or giving them a week ban... But it is a week ban by the way. You would also try to get at least three people to confirm the mass RDM or RDA. It would be !jailtp REMAXDoggo. The rest of this sentence is confusing me. You would ALWAYS do !freezeprops FIRST THING! It looked like you rushed this a little but you also edited this confirming my suspicion! But you also didn't read how to stop a server crash! So this was a super nice app. in the from the start but at the end it looked like you rushed I was tempted to give you a -1 but I am just going to give you a Neutral . The problems I saw can be trained out but the end of the app. being sloppy and the server crash part prevented me from giving you a +1.
  11. Yes, it does sound mighty fishy because I have played with you on the server and have done your sits and your internet is always fine. But I would like to hear what doc say before I make any more comments.
  12. Yeah if you were lagging and your internet tripped I think you should be unbanned but let us see what doc says.
  13. You didn't answer part two of the question which shows me you might have rushed. Well you can also use it to get to the closes sit area. Like I say on every other app. IT IS TO TAKE SITS. NEVER take your own sits. It looks you are really rushing now.... You would get at least three people (The people that got RDM/RDA0 to confirm that they massed. This is not perma ban too... Yeah it looks you are just rushing now. You would and bring them to a sit and then you would bring at least three people (The people they RDM/RDA) to confirm and then you would ban the person. This is not a perma ban too... Well first of you would do !freezeprops not just let them crash the server well your checking logs. and when you found them out you would ban as long as you can. This app. was rushed and the question on the server crashing really got to me and the two mass RDM/RDA questions. For these reasons and mistakes marked above it is a -1
  14. Ok no. You can not just get on here for an hour and become staff we need to know you and trust you with our community. It would just be !jail @ 300. and the warn would be RDMx1. Again just !jail @ 300. The command for ban is !xban Your main job as staff is to take sits. You can't handle your own sits. Unless you brought them to a sit you can ban them for LTAP. Also get three people at least (People that he RDM} to confirm that he RDMed. The question states RDMs/RDAs not both. But again get him into a sit if he didn't leave and get three people to confirm he RDM/RDA. From what I see here on your app. is just minor errors. But the Mass RDM/RDA (Left) and RDM/RDA (Stayed) questions is what got to me on this app. But also a huge thing that got to me on this app. was your hours they were just too low. Like way too low. From what I saw from this app. was besides the Mass RDM/RDA (Left) and RDM/RDA (Stayed) was just minor errors. But what put the nail in the coffin for me was the hours. Because of this I am going to have to give you a -1
  15. Yeah If your applying for darkrp please use the template! -1

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