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  1. I worked for a while on a hobo base and out of nowhere someone tossed c4 and destroyed all of it for no reason.
  2. you can use dif sources to pay on guest checkout
  3. I got into the game and saw all this new shit but the second I joined all I heard was an engine rev repeatedly until I left the server. I tried the stopsound command an it just game back. I was mega laggy when someone drove by and it happened more than once. I suggest we get rid of that but maybe theres something I could figure out to stop the lag.
  4. SteamID of person you are reporting: idk its tyler the mod Why you are reporting them: They phys abused Explanation of the situation: I was talking to him and joking I was going to arrest him, he physgun grabebd me then said shush. He was also offering to "take me on a ride" with his phys out. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.)
  5. These new printer sucks, no info on what each this does, costs too much to get everything, the printer names are weird, and no matter what they always make noise.
  6. alright. this was not told to me in the time I mentioned it while playing.
  7. SteamID of person you are reporting: Idk it's Mod Squid Why you are reporting them: No clip Abuse Explanation of the situation: I had a hit on him and he just zoomed through the street noclipping. I also have a video of him seemingly just dissapearing after turning a corner, idk if he noclipped tho. Evidence (screenshots, recordings, etc.)

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