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    hey Someone is abusing their ability in the discord he changed my custom role to furry and my vc to retards incorperated without me asking and i paid for it to be a certain way i have a strong feeling it was jpart but please find out i want to get me role fixed and put back to Role: Owl VC: Owls Nest
  2. Does anyone know I wanna apply on there if and when i get unblacklisted thanks 🙂
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. RedWolfMoon


    @Cyberlion this is a dank meme post of me confessing im a trap turned to a terrorist hunt
  5. RedWolfMoon


    also @jpartalien theres no proof of that being me lol so show the full dms
  6. RedWolfMoon


    jpart post the dms do it
  7. 2 Girls 1 cup Nah its real the new Happy Time Murders its funny as hell
  8. RedWolfMoon


    dont bully him i was a good trap lol i got alot of people i got glxy(azzy) i got touchthelolis and many others lol
  9. RedWolfMoon


    im not gonna bully you for it lol
  10. RedWolfMoon


    dont lie jpart yes there were well if there wasnt you said you loved me alot lol
  11. RedWolfMoon


    JSYK (Just so you know) ive stopped being a trap and im sorry jpart for tricking you when we dated for a month ❤️ still am the gay on tho (Cant wait to get bullied by 9 year olds

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