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  1. DENIED Re-apply in two weeks. You were extremely inactive as a staff member & due to this you never made it past Trial Mod, prove that you can stay active & I'll reconsider.
  2. DENIED If you put yourself in the situation where you are being asked to leave the current sit that is taking place, you've already warranted yourself for a kick once you return. As well as mic-spamming whilst a sit is being carried out, I would've gagged you too. In the future to avoid further complications you should refrain from entering a staff sit, where you are not needed.
  3. ON HOLD Waiting for @Chris J.S to respond
  4. ON HOLD Waiting for @Chris J.S to respond
  5. Please follow the ban appeal template and do not post the ban screen as your evidence.
  6. Soap

    False Kick

    DENIED Read the rules
  7. What even is this appeal? Where are your points and why should you been un-banned after mass rdming? You cannot make an appeal and expect that to get you back on to the server, remember this is for YOU to tell US why you deserve to be unbanned.
  8. Soap

    It's vazzible

    Thank you for your feedback Vazzible we appreciate it! I'm glad you had a good time playing on the server.
  9. DENIED Re-apply in two weeks. Try to better your reputation within the community before having another shot at this.
  10. DENIED Insufficient evidence. The evidence in the report is very unclear and doesn't show any rules being broken. Still images are very unreliable in these scenarios and a video would do much better.
  11. Soap

    Jpartalien Report

    RESOLVED Participant closed the report
  12. Soap

    Jpartalien Report

    @jpartalien Can you post any screenshots to back that up?
  13. Soap


    Wrong section, no format. https://dankrp.co/forum/12-inquiries/
  14. ON HOLD Waiting for @Officer Diggler to respond
  15. ON HOLD Waiting for @Officer Diggler to reply
  16. ACCEPTED! Sigma will be demoted for being unprofessional in the sit & inefficiency when doing her job as a Moderator.
  17. ON HOLD Waiting for @StrayCat to reply
  18. ACCEPTED! Close... but no cigar. I'll speak to Chris.J about the proper protocol to be taking when it comes to punishing players & when to punish. He is right, it isn't stated in the staff guidelines but will be added today to avoid further confusion. No official sanction will be put in place.
  19. Soap

    Refund Request

    Contact an Administrator when you see them in-game.

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