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  1. Soap


    Wrong section, no format. https://dankrp.co/forum/12-inquiries/
  2. ON HOLD Waiting for @Officer Diggler to respond
  3. ON HOLD Waiting for @Officer Diggler to reply
  4. ACCEPTED! Sigma will be demoted for being unprofessional in the sit & inefficiency when doing her job as a Moderator.
  5. ACCEPTED! Close... but no cigar. I'll speak to Chris.J about the proper protocol to be taking when it comes to punishing players & when to punish. He is right, it isn't stated in the staff guidelines but will be added today to avoid further confusion. No official sanction will be put in place.
  6. Soap

    Refund Request

    Contact an Administrator when you see them in-game.
  7. Soap

    Ban Appeal

    ACCEPTED User will be unbanned. In this scenario, you should've been jailed for RDM instead of banned as it states in the MOTD.
  8. DENIED Re-apply in two weeks. We recommend at least 48-72 hours playtime before applying.
  9. A new member of the community, pro-active in learning the rules and unique functions of the server - seemed like a friendly person upon talking to. We do recommend that you spend a lot more time in-game before applying for a staff position to allow yourself to get to know the community as mentioned in our requirements.
  10. There's no way the server would've reassigned your rank to User, if for whatever reason you have now lost your VIP rank. There is now nothing that we can do about that. All ranks & in-game advantages that can be bought from the Donation store is considered a privilege, DankRP reserves the right to revoke your account at any given time. You can still be in for another chance of winning a VIP rank, keep yourself posted on our Discord server & Steam group for often occasions where we host events for in-game advantages.
  11. Soap

    Kilogram report

    ACCEPTED! From the evidence given in the report, it shows @KiloGram_ORIGIN metagaming. Kilo was warned and jailed
  12. Soap

    Kilogram report

    ON HOLD Waiting for @KiloGram_ORIGINto respond
  13. DENIED Re-apply in two weeks. We recommend at least 48-72 hours playtime before applying.

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