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  1. This is not needed, we have 8 people that are able to handle shitposts and rage threads, along with that. The ModCP has access to sensitive information... In the future this may be needed when our second server, whatever it may be, opens up.
  2. ON HOLD Waiting for @plague doctor to respond
  3. Yes! Get rid of that damn AFK timer before I execute pwn_nwbz.exe and inject my chess board directly in to the server.
  4. CityRP is currently not open and we aren't accepting applications. Please check out our DarkRP applications found here: https://dankrp.co/forum/13-moderator-applications/
  5. CityRP is currently not open and we aren't accepting applications. Please check out our DarkRP applications found here: https://dankrp.co/forum/13-moderator-applications/
  6. The fact is, you broke the rules by exploiting and also exceeded your one verbal warning. Therefore, you was banned. I felt a ban was necessary, but I gave you the minimum punishment. Furthermore, I also told you not to be abusing Wiremod yet I still had a few people bring up your name in regards to using that 'teleport' in E2.
  7. ACCEPTED You are unbanned
  8. DENIED  Re-apply after two weeks.
  9. DENIED  Re-apply after ONE week. Your application was thorough but you made too many mistakes, please read over the comments from staff members and try again.
  10. ACCEPTED User will be unbanned --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based on the facts that are as follows: There is no official guidelines for Wiremod in the MOTD (as of now). Although you are seen to be using the tool at an unfair movement advantage for yourself over other players, there is no real 'initiation' going on here. For example, a raid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please DM me on Discord @ Soap#8388 ASAP.
  11. @Magificent_ PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR STEAM ID From what I have read and what I can understand of the situation, it seems as if it's a bit of a misunderstanding from both parties involved. Whereas you are under the impression you are allowed to kill people that enter your base no matter the circumstances, however we try not to encourage people to use their base as a place to rack up kills using the reason as "they were in my base"... We consider this loop-holing the rules. We encourage players to only kill people inside their base after warning or a sufficient reason such as lock-picking your door. You was banned because the staff members involved were under the impression that you were using your base to rack up kills, and I believe that this may not have been the case but did indeed look as if it was. I can also understand it can be a little frustrating to be told one thing, and then told a different thing by someone else that conflicts your playing experience. BASED ON THE STATEMENTS ABOVE: ACCEPTED User will be unbanned, the staff members in question will not be punished.
  12. You been smoking again?
  13. DENIED  Re-apply after two weeks.
  14. You should never no-clip unless you have claimed a sit and you are dealing with a staff situation. Any other no-clip use will be seen as abuse. Staff members will never take their own sit, this is to prevent people being bias and favouring themselves. Instead, you will call for a sit in admin chat. This is not the correct punishment, please read over the staff guidelines ([DARKRP] Staff Guidelines and Punishments - Moderator Applications - DankRP) Your application lacks detail in the scenario questions, and is rather 'to-the-point'... Furthermore I am certain you have no where near 8000 hours on DankRP. DENIED Re-apply after ONE week. Most of the questions are correct, but you need to put more thought in to your responses to show us that you know what you are talking about. Especially with the scenario questions.
  15. Resolved The staff member will be spoken to about the situation, but will not be given any official punishment.

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