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  1. You must have 2 days of playtime on DankRP CityRP in order to apply. CityRP is a Semi-Serious Community. Discord activity is a must if accepted! THIS IS THE PRE-RELEASE STAFF APPLICATIONS. THERE IS NO MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENT FOR NOW! RULES WILL BE POSTED SOON TO READ OVER. Staff Application Template: Your In-Game Username: A: TK Festive Kilo Gram Your SteamID: A: STEAM_0:1:211918630 Your Discord Name and #: A: Kilo Gram#1408 Have you ever been punished on DankRP? If so, why?: A: I was blacklisted back in agust for darkrp but I wasn't told why. Your Age: A: 14 Your Timezone: A: EST Time Played on CityRP?: A: Staffing Experience: A: I was a moderator with 803 sits on darkrp. Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (Two Paragraphs = Eight Sentences) A: I have several answers to this question but I am just going to say a few. For starters I am well known around the community and know most of the staff on darkrp as I play on darkrp almost everyday. I was also a staff member previously on dankrp. I was a moderator as I said before with 803 sits. I am mature and keep my cool with dealing with anyone who is one the city/dark rp servers. I help people that are new to the community be either just saying "Hi.", or giving them $500,000 and a shipment of ACRs and teach them how to play on dankrp. I have been a member for a long time scense before the reset. And I would really like to be apart of the new server. How often can you be on the server each day?: A: I can be online for like an hour each day and on weekends I can be on like 8 hours a day. Are you familiar with the rules and understand them in their entirety?: A: Completely aware of all rules. Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Yes defenatly Are you willing to work hard and be active as much as possible?: A: Yes defenatly Is your relationship with the community positive? (If not, then explain why): A: Yes defenatly Who referred you to apply for cityRP? (If nobody did, leave blank.) A: N/A

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