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  1. Maple stop pulling excuses out of your ass, you RDM'd in a sit, falsely accused me of FDA, and finally think you have can tell staff members what to do.
  2. But you don't though, and I can't understand how you don't see that.
  3. What that says is for example if I call an RDM on someone as a random person, the person is teleported, then I leave the sit, the staff member who took the sit will drop it. Where does it say that YOU, SPECIFICALLY YOU declare the sit is over? I believe staff members are authority?
  4. Let me tell you why everything you said is wrong. First of all, I did not commit FDA, you have no evidence on the fact that I did anyhow. Second of all, you DO NOT declare the sit is over, the staff member is the one who claimed the sit, they start it, they finish it, simple as that. Third of all, I had a moderate tone and never said that.
  5. Let me tell you what happened. Kara wanted me to do a sit for him so I put one together. Molly was accused of NLR and after awhile of asking questions, I felt as though they definitely broke NLR, I asked Kara what they wanted and they said Jail and warn, I thought that was going to be it. I put it at a 300 and told them it wasn't that bad. I started a new sit and I looked over and they were gone. After I checked connection logs It showed you disconnected. I would not see any reason as to why you can't wait out your ban. Just like anyone else you broke the rules, so you deserve the proper punishment.
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    Hey guys!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this server but it already is very enjoyable to play on, I thought I would hop on the forums and well, here I am!

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