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  1. ACCEPTED User will be banned for MRDM x4
  2. They posted this in January, something tells me he's not coming back
  3. DENIED Insuficcent evidence provided This sounds like a made up story, you need to have proof that they were raids
  4. ACCEPTED Staff member will be spoken to
  5. Poor Activity DENIED Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  6. How is it his word if he never agreed to it. Don't kill him unless he consents. Don't be surprised when he kicks you for killing him in an event. There was no "bargain", take the money or leave it. Most likely because he was explaining the situation while you are screaming at him during the sit. Allow the staff member time to explain the situation before barging in with what you want to say. I see a pattern here of not listening / respecting to what others say. DENIED Staff handled all situations correctly Contact jpartalien#4414 on discord for further inquiries
  7. INTERVIEW FAILED Re-Interview in 1 week
  8. jpartalien

    False Kick

    yeah nerd, follow it
  9. ACCEPTED You will now proceed to the interview phase Contact an Admin or Head Admin on discord
  10. jpartalien

    False Kick

    Follow the format next time
  11. jpartalien

    Billy RDM/Minge

    ACCEPTED SexualHarassment (STEAM_0:0:65921371) will be warned for "RDM x1" Billy (STEAM_0:1:185626414) will be warned for "NLR (x1 kills)" I CUP (STEAM_0:0:197190266) will be warned for "Prop Exploit"
  12. ACCEPTED Since most of the server was doing it it would be classified as Deathmatch instead of MassRDM. I saw no reports of people you killed complaining.
  13. DENIED This isn't a deathmatch server, simply because you see others doing it doesn't mean you can do it yourself. If everyone was fine with it you wouldn't have been reported Contact jpartalien#4414 on discord for further questions
  14. jpartalien


    ACCEPTED REDACTED (STEAM_0:1:183926303) has been warned for "RDM x1" CIout Scout has been banned for 1w for "MRDM x1 / Deathmatch" For further questions message jpartalien#4414 on discord
  15. I'm not sure how you expect to enforce the rules for others if you cannot follow them yourself. DENIED Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  16. PM me your correct SteamID on discord jpartalien#4414
  17. ACCEPTED Ban will be lifted and warn will be removed
  18. ACCEPTED User will be warned and jailed
  19. We've always RDM'd eachother back and forth across months now and he's just doing it now to get me punished. He never asked me to stop.

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