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  1. ON HOLD Waiting for @#DogeForLife to reply
  2. Trusted members like those who don't lie about past interactions.
  3. jpartalien


    @Officer Diggler pls pet fuck
  4. jpartalien


    I'll post the entire set of DM's if you want, lying will get you nowhere.
  5. jpartalien


    I never said any of that shit, you're actually making it up rn.
  6. jpartalien


    Hol up, we never "dated", we were friends, but there was no dating happening.
  7. Ex Machina or Inception
  8. ACCEPTED User will be banned for MRDM x4
  9. They posted this in January, something tells me he's not coming back
  10. DENIED Insuficcent evidence provided This sounds like a made up story, you need to have proof that they were raids

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