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  1. Correct. Make sure you know that the ban for LTAP is 3 days added on to the original punishment (1 week per 3 kills) in this case. Make sure you know the ban time for MRDM is 1 week per 3 kills Follow the MOTD and warn them first. I saw you in-game and you helped out when we had a small crisis. Your application is thorough and you seemed very nice in-game. I think you would make a good staff. +1 ~jpartalien
  2. Punishment for FDA is verbal warning > warn > kick > ban Make sure trump has fading door / keypads as well How would you ban them? Get their SteamID through logs. Jail them and bring them to a sit. TP 3+ of the people he's killed and make sure if was MRDM, then follow through with the punishment you specified. Make sure to type !freezeprops asap to stop any server crash in progress You got a few questions partially incorrect. I have seen you in-game a bit but I don't know you very well. I think you could be a good staff member but I would have to get to know your personality better to really judge. Neutral ~jpartalien
  3. Every answer is far too short. You have to put effort into your application. I see far too many incorrect answers, make sure you are basing all your answers off of the MOTD and Staff Guidelines. Your age is on the lower side and I'm not sure if you are mature enough... -1 ~jpartalien
  4. The punishment for FDA is a verbal warning > warn > kick > 1d ban Prop block is a warn > kick > 1d ban For trump give him a verbal warning first. Make sure he is not just building it in a tunnel, but also has fading doors and keypads. Trump must have a way through at all times (even while building) Your #1 job as a staff member is to take sits MRDM is a 1 week ban per 3 kills + 3 days for LTAP never take your own sits, ask another staff member You got far too many questions wrong and I only corrected part of them. You need to base all your answers off the MOTD and Staff Guidelines. Some of your answers are extremely short. Please put effort into every question. Your age is on the lower side and I haven't seen an outstanding amount of maturity. -1 ~jpartalien
  5. The issue here is the fact that you were a gun dealer. Because the point of a gun dealer is to sell guns, people will walk into your base. However if the intention of the base is to sell guns, please make some effort to lock the door or stop people from entering. I would have told you this and not punished for RDM since it can be confusing at times and your intention didn't seem to be to kill people, but you have provided no evidence at all regarding the situation. ~jpartalien
  6. Taking out hits in sits can count as Minging / NITRP which is a verbal / warn > kick > 1d ban
  7. Your age is rather low, however I haven't had too many issues with you. You have proven thwt you know the MOTD well, but I'd have to see you a bit more in game and and talk to you seriously to get to know your personality. All the personal questions have fairly short answers... I think you could be staff if you have a mature and serious attitude. Neutral ~jpartalien
  8. Do you like seeds or bread better?
  9. Effort is a very important part of being staff. This application is very low in effort as you missed a question and barely put 1 line for some questions. I know you are knowledgeable in the MOTD but especially since you resigned and I just saw you on the server today I think you need to spend more time getting back into the community. -1 ~jpartalien
  10. Pinecone sounds better tbh...
  11. There is no need for any steal advert. If you drop them in public by accident that's your fault, if someone picks up your entities and tries to steal them you can kill them.
  12. "They" can speak for themselves. Glad to have you back <3 Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/RvPZVHx
  13. 21 hours is way too low for staff. Get to know the community better as I have never heard of your name. You got far too many questions wrong and most were just straight up guesses. Please base all your answers off of the Staff Guidelines and MOTD kindly linked above. I like the effort you put into your personal questions. Try spreading that effort throughout the whole application as many answers are extremely short. -1 ~jpartalien
  14. You missed the question regarding total warns: You have 33 warns All the major errors I saw above were covered. The application had good answers and I can tell you put some effort into it. I have seen you on the server for quite a while now. You in-game activity can be quite questionable sometimes and I've had issues with you and minging in the past. You have a LOT of warns and i'm not sure if your in-game behavior is suitable for staff. Neutral ~jpartalien
  15. Make another post following the format found above

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