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  1. ACCEPTED User will be unbanned PM jpartalien#4414 on discord for further questions
  2. He is innocent until proven guilty. No evidence is needed on his part
  3. ACCEPTED User is unbanned PM jpartalien#4414 on discord for further questions
  4. ACCEPTED Due to the fact that the situation was unclear, and you only killed one person, the ban will be reduced to 3 days. PM jpartalien#4414 on discord for further questions
  5. @Quill Was there any evidence in the sit that the police was not trying to arrest him? He is innocent until proven guilty @volvo1444 Did you mention in the sit that he was trying to arrest you?
  6. If you can't take the time to spellcheck your application, I highly doubt you took the time to read the MOTD (apparent by your answers). DENIED Read the MOTD and get more time in-game Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  7. DENIED You are now blacklisted Do not re-apply
  8. DENIED If you're not gonna put in the time to copy and paste your application into the forums, you don't have the dedication for staff Re-Apply in 2 weeks
  9. DENIED Famliarize yourself with our ruleset Re-Apply in one week
  10. ON HOLD PM me on discord at jpartalien#4414

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