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  1. Just kill your self in game and that will do the trick
  2. Was it out of spawn tunnel? Just wondering
  3. he just does that out of messing around like he said above ^^ he still does his job and helps out a lot of people even he's not in a sit. Also like he said He will not do that anymore Hacker Should Not Be Punished
  4. well did u warn them first?
  5. I think that wene hitmans kill an ADMIN in a sit I dont think they they should be able to get away with it because it even for me gets annoying wene the admin that took my sit gets killed randomly a bye a hitman and even t-mod or higher can also get annoyed with it I think is should go like this\ Verbal warn, official warn, kick, and then a 1d ban this Again this is just my opinion (This also goes for users in a sit)

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