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  1. sorry sir but no I can not unban you but there was a building sigh at the time and I did spectate him after and he never had any printers nor did he go outside to replace the prop that was not there in general. Sincerely: T-Mod Jackson DENIDED For me
  2. Informational Questions: In-Game Name: Jackson_Zuthar21 Server you're applying for (DarkRP/Basewars): DarkRP Estimated Hours in DankRP ( https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ): does not work SteamID (https://goo.gl/w8A3TV): STEAM_0:0:138788587 Steam Profile Link (steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx/): https://steamcommunity.com/id/thJ8C646UR/ Your age: 15 Main Questions: Do you understand that any form of abuse will get you demoted and possibly banned? yes Are you active on our discord? (https://discord.gg/by264Qg): yes i play with some people in the discord chats Do you have a microphone and do you actively use it? yes Do you understand the Staff Guidelines/Ban Times yes Do you have any prior experience with ULX commands? yes i helped some of my friends set up there ULX CMD's Do you have any prior experience using logs? If so, what kind (e.g. bLogs, dLogs, etc.)? yes i used B-logs Do you understand you must be active and must take sits when they appear? yes i am willing to take time off from my play time to do sits If you had a suggestion for the server, what would it be and why? i have no suggestions for the server What is the proper time to noclip? when i am going to take a sit to bring him to a sit location What is the punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch) and what command(s) would you use? i will have to warn them then i will ask whoever got killed if they will like for me to jail them if so i will jail them for 300 sec What is the punishment for RDA (Random Arrest) and what command(s) would you use? i will jail the person that RDAed and jail them for 300 sec and demote them What is the punishment for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) and what command(s) would you use? i will thell them to stop and if they do stop i will jail them for 120 What is the punishment for prop block and what command(s) would you use? What would you do if the player in question was the Donald Trump job making a wall? Personal Questions: What is your main job as a staff member? to help the people of the server and to make sure the server is in tiptop shape. Why do you want to be staff? Why should we accept you above others? i have had a lot of experience of being a staff team member and running my own server and using ULX i am a very good people person and i hope to make the server be in pristine condition Tell us a bit about yourself? i love working on cumputers and playing video games What times will you be most active on the server? (BE SPECIFIC!) 5:30pm EST to 10:30pm EST every week day weekends from 11:30am EST to 3:00am EST on weekends Scenario Questions: What would you do if a player RDMs you? i will ask for a different staff member than me to take the sit and make it into a normal sit A player Mass RDMs/RDAs and then leaves the server. How would you go about banning them? i will get there steam id and ban then for Ltap (3 day ban) from there main ban A player Mass RDMs/RDAs but does NOT leave the server. How would you go about banning them? i will jailtp them to a admin sit zone bring the people he rdmed and ask them if he killed then after talking to him i will ban him for a week for mass RDM/RDA The server begins to lag and you suspect someone is crashing the server. How would you go about finding who it is and banning them? I will ban him for as long as I can so all the props will get removed then tell a higher up about what happened A player has entities (Oil drillers, printers, etc.) in their base but still has their building sign up. What would you do? ask them to take down the building sign A staff member begins to abuse their powers and no higher staff are online. What would you do? i will recored it all them show a higher up when they get on then let them have it from there

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