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  1. Blacklist appeals are when someone wants to be able to apply for staff again.
  2. He was in spawn? Although that is mass, that is also exploiting in spawn (lightsaber exploiting) @Gumballz
  3. warn command? ( !warn <name> <reason>) RDA is also a demotion from job once again, Warn? Also verbal warn them before any of this. Spawn is a perma ban. Prop block matters everywhere. NEVER take your own sit, always get another staff to handle it. How long is original punishment? You have not put any of the bans commands by the way. Make sure they are guilty, do not just ban someone. No need to no-clip. You can !freezeprops, check logs for the name, goto/spectate the accused. This has a good amount of mistakes, you should read over the staff guidelines and MOTD. ( https://dankrp.co/topic/2362-dankrp-rules/ ( https://dankrp.co/topic/2365-darkrp-staff-guidelines-and-punishments/ ) -1
  4. Unless you are training (Mod+) there is NO reason to go to admin land. Only for sits or staff situations Verbal warn>Warn>Kick>Day ban How long is LTAP? how long is just the basic time? also, make sure they did mass by bringing them to a sit with the accused Never just no-clip around till you find it. You can either: 1. !freezeprops, check props and spectate them 2. A message will pop up with the name if someone is trying to stack faded props and spectate/goto them This is not the best I have seen, maybe read over the MOTD and staff guidelines before applying again. ( https://dankrp.co/topic/2365-darkrp-staff-guidelines-and-punishments/ ) ( https://dankrp.co/topic/2362-dankrp-rules/ ) -1
  5. never seen you before Only in staff situations need to know the warn command. it would also be a jail if accuser wanted. It is a verbal warn>Kick>1 day ban warn>kick>1 day ban where are the commands? why would you need to talk to a higher up? You would ban them for 10 days (Ltap+Mrdm/rda). Also, what are the commands? You seem to not know some of the commands and punishments. i suggest you read over the staff guidelines and MOTD. -1 (https://dankrp.co/topic/2365-darkrp-staff-guidelines-and-punishments/) (https://dankrp.co/topic/2362-dankrp-rules/)
  6. ah. If that is the case then the punishment was not false
  7. True, this could be the case. Now here is my question, Why if he had a skybase? or a base not in a map house?
  8. Okay this proves everything that we needed! Thank you for gathering evidence. I vote punishment
  9. Mashu

    Ban Appeal

    like fleur and riot said, you should stick to the format for this to be taken seriously! Also, if you are in the discord you could tag the staff member you were in a sit with to notify him that you crashed
  10. Like Jpart said, logs could be easily made up. If you had a video or screenshot this could have easily been taken care of. Instead of reporting him on the forums, you should of asked for a staff member in game. I vote no punishment
  11. Have not seen you before. On duty? The only time you need to noclip is staff situations. rdm is only a ban if it is MASS. Kick would not be used for rdm. 1. None of the commands or times. 2. RDA is more harsh, you would get a demotion from the cp class Verbal warn>Kick>1day ban no need to jail. it would start out with a warn. NEVER take your own sits. 1. Where are the times. 2. you forgot LTAP(+3 days) how long and where are the commands? you would remove the sign, not the entities due to them costing the player money. !freezeprops, spectate/tp to the suspect, and continue the ban as long as they are trying. There are many mistakes. You should review the staff guidelines and punishments and also the MOTD (Listed above by Riot) -1
  12. Early, The accused does not have to show evidence. The only person who needs evidence is the accuser. So this is a false punishment. And like Fleur said, follow the format if you want this to be taken seriously
  13. Never seen you before Some more hours would be acceptable. Need more detail and ONLY for staff situations (going to a sit area, etc) forgot demotion from job (rp_citizen) no jail warn>Kick> 1day ban same as FDA Never take your own sit, get another staff member to take it. How long and it is ULX not ulz. command is !xban Check prop logs to make this process faster. You also do !frezeprops to clear some lag you should preferably remove the building sign ( due to entities costing them money) This is not the best I have seen, I suggest you read over the staff guidelines and MOTD (https://dankrp.co/topic/2365-darkrp-staff-guidelines-and-punishments/) -1 ~your local admin, Mashu
  14. Alright want to take it up with a HA+? Better than nothing and if we find out it was not him (somehow) we can take further action

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