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  1. If you think this is how you get unblacklisted, you are wrong. Show some maturity and professionalism and MAYBE it will be considered. Also, don't post in Moderator Applications again unless you are filling out an app, this topic will be moved to Discussions.
  2. DENIED Ban appeals are for people who were wrongfully banned, not just because "y nawt" USER WILL STAY BANNED
  3. DENIED Get your activity up again and you will be good Reapply in ONE week
  4. Sorry to inform you but we do not remove warns no matter how far back they go, my only suggestion to you is to not break rules to avoid a 20 warn ban.
  5. DENIED You claim to have only killed 2 people but logs say otherwise
  6. ON HOLD Waiting for @Chris J.Sto reply. I would also request you re upload the first picture where you are actually able to read the console logs. Also this is a report, not a ban appeal, you had it in the correct place the first time but I will move this one over there. If you wish to make a ban appeal, use the correct format please.
  7. DENIED So you didn't even wait the full week I gave you to reapply and you also changed your "Hours in Game" from 1 day to 24hrs+ which are virtually the same thing. Please wait the full length this time before reapplying. Reapply in ONE week
  8. DENIED User will stay banned
  9. Perfekt

    Ellie Ban Apeal

    Please upload the video of the sit @Ellie
  10. DENIED You must be at least 14 years of age to apply Reapply in 2 years
  11. Use the correct format
  12. You were indeed breaking a rule. When playing as Trump, your wall is considered your "base".
  13. DENIED 13 Hours is a bit too low, make sure you get the play time up so we know you have a good understanding of the server in general. Reapply in ONE week
  14. DENIED You haven't supplied any proof to support your claims and also you can't even remember your in game nick name which is weird. USER WILL STAY BANNED

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