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  1. DENIED You haven't supplied any proof to support your claims and also you can't even remember your in game nick name which is weird. USER WILL STAY BANNED
  2. DENIED Low Hours | Unanswered Questions | Very Little Knowledge of Guidelines and Punishments Reapply in 2 weeks
  3. Gonna let Diggler reply but just wanted to put this here.
  4. This is your second report on this staff member that lacks evidence. The video is useless because you can't even tell whats happening and the picture could be taken out of context. I'm gonna give @Chris J.S a chance to reply but I recommend you have the jailed player file a report and give his side, instead of giving it for him.
  5. DENIED I'm glad you read over the rules and refreshed your brain on them, but you still have to serve your punishment. Hopefully all of this will be avoided when you come back. USER WILL STAY BANNED
  6. ON HOLD Waiting for @Chris J.S to explain his side of the situation
  7. Accepted Make sure you read the rules, if you would have this could have been completely avoided. USER WILL BE UNBANNED
  8. DENIED Most of the application looks is unanswered or wrong. Please take more time when filling it out, your effort on your application reflects the effort we expect as a staff member. Reapply in 2 weeks
  9. DENIED The minimum hours we look for is 40+ Reapply in 2 weeks
  10. DENIED You already had a previous warn for the exact same thing by another HA yet you still decided to do it again. Just because it wasn't in an RP situation doesn't make it okay.
  11. MrPerfect

    Ban Appeal

    I'm going to let Express give his side but I just wanted to clarify on a couple things. First is you acknowledged it was a sit and decided to do it anyway for the 20k. Also wanted to make it clear that it is your responsibility to read the rules, they pop up on your screen when you first join the server, whether you decide to read them or not is up to you but just because you didn't read them doesn't mean the punishments don't apply to you.
  12. Follow the template
  13. DENIED It is obvious that you put very minimal effort and have little knowledge of the MOTD and Staff Guidelines and Punishments Reapply in 2 weeks

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