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  1. Jackie Chan: whats yo my nigga Black Guy: wut u say? Jackie Chan: I don't want any trouble
  2. Dollarbags

    R E M mass rdm

    Congrats you played your self
  3. Yo, my name is Dollarbags, I'm a washed up Brawlhalla player, used to be good kappa. Main Caspian and Hattori but also love to play mid. Looking for some peeps to play Garry's Mod^^| Feel free to add me in game - Dollarbags
  4. 1- because the server would be losing a lot of profit because you can just buy perma stuff from the server with in-game money. Love, Dollarbags
  5. +1 / -1 I don't know enough to +1 your idea but you took Time out of your life to report this ridiculous overpowered stupid weapon. (Remove this weapon) When my friends join who are new to Garry's Mod they join me and people just raid them with the c4 and it's getting annoying. (Me too) But also people did donate to have that class with overpowered weapons. Love, Dollarbags
  6. Best raider #UPTOP Soo kind #UPTOP Toxic #UPTOP
  7. Dollarbags

    Counting Thread

    4 Minrr is cool Tip of my d Love, Dollarbags
  8. Why you wasting your time making a report. When you could have just made a sit and send the video evidence. Love, Dollarbags
  9. You guys where threatening Zpat to buy you something if he doesn't you will report him. Lemme guess he didn't buy you anything now you're reporting him your soo childish. But he did exploit like it was nothing so a 1+ from me. Love, Dollarbags

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