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  1. Oh sure now you know that eh. Retard
  2. In that case my brother was the one who did /arrest * on the server. Lemme go get you some evidence via text lol. That's new... hmmm. What the fuck kind of retard made that. Also doesnt mean perm then. 1 week per 3 rdm? 7 x3 rdm, 7 weeks. Not perm... yall still stupid
  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOL BECAUSE OF SOME TEXT? How tf do you know anything about the context of that...
  4. No it's not LOL fucking retards
  5. How crippled are you staff? Mrdm is rdmx3+ Not rdmx3 If someone rdms 6 people, thats mrdm, not mrdmx2... that being said, MRDMx7 is not a thing... I mean killing 21 people is pretty bad. Bullshit. You fuckin wouldn't have let him play on yer servers then. Just for using that as an excuse, i think the perm is justified tho lol.
  6. Ignore this lol double post
  7. Really? I wasn't accepted in a desperate time of the server, also if you saw my app, i had at least 5 replies with nothing but good things to say, my app had not a single error reported in it. So no, not anyone could say that about me you retard.
  8. Or staff could just kick afks... there is always like 20 in spawn at a time. And people afk printer farmer, harder too catch tho.
  9. the first thing it says is Failure to advert and this is about FTA and not failrp? No... it's about failrp because he adverted in pd which is failrp not failure to advert. Yes. Someone who isn't doesnt flame a thread. The fact of the matter is MRDM, is MRDM. He can say sorry, he can ask and beg for a lesser punishment; however the staff member responsible for the sit made a decision, a decision that is justified. He MRDMd. Whether he had malicious intent to just kill or a simple mistake, it doesnt matter he MRDMd and like it or not his ban is acceptable an should not be lifted.
  10. You say that as if they exist... retard
  11. He said he did, you have no reason nor right to believe he did so stfu alright. Every thing is by case and you cannot just give a flat answer to this kind of a situation, it is up to the staff member what the punishment is, and he did follow the staff guidelines and punishments. That says cooldown not failrp lol retard.
  12. Bro wtf? Every post you make has me really understanding why 12 year olds shouldn't get staff even more. So what about that part in the rules "Staff have final say in all situations." Is that not true? I mean of it's up to the player why even have staff. I got demoted for doing /arrest * ; however the entire server (except salty boy Guy Named Chris) was spamming "dont ban/demote drake" or shit like it lol. Doesn't mean that the staff shouldn't enact on it. Also wtf does compensation matter? Rdm is rdm whether you pay em off or not.
  13. Think that says it all He had a right and a reason to ban you. However in cases with failrp and massrdm usually staff do 300s plus 50s per kill. I mean he doesnt have to he choose to ban you and seems fine...

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