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  1. Your Name: Maple Server you're appealing for (DarkRP/CityRP): DankRP Discord Your Discord: Maple#9128 How long do you have left on your ban? Forever Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top): Breaking discord TOS Who banned you: Diggler the Niggler Reason why you should be unbanned: Basically I have learned from my lesson and I promise to never do it again. Then again you can't trust me but yeah.
  2. Maple

    LeFleurs Report

    Well clearly you got demoted for that 1 day. 1 incident can get you demoted. Ask this thread to be closed, wait 2 weeks, and reapply.
  3. Maple

    LeFleurs Report

    I just don't want you to looking like a fucking idiot. I am telling you what to do so you don't get blacklisted, okay? This is a useless report as you're missing evidence (More conversations) and he seems to not have falsely demoted you. Trust me, I've been staff 4-5 times, you have to relax and be an okay person to get staff again.
  4. Maple

    LeFleurs Report

    I'm trying to help you bro. You just do what I said?
  5. Maple

    LeFleurs Report

    You admit Pickle Rick said that what you did was wrong and LeFleur wasn't being disrespectful. Hmmmmmmm It appears that you aren't emotionally stable to be a staff member. And if that is the only reason you acted that way, just take a break, wait your 2 weeks and reapply. If they think you have changed / are a good staff member, you should get accepted. If not, the reason for the demote wasn't false. Anyways, reason for demote isn't false, and report should be closed. Love, Maple~
  6. Bruh, just get other people in trouble. Dumb T-Mods can't understand lmao
  7. Maple

    LeFleurs Report

    You (Rexlover) handled this situation terribly, and here's why! 1. You handled this situation as if you were a little kid. A little kid gets upset when someone tries to help in a more truthful and realistic way. A little kid cries when the truth isn't what they expected. So if you act this way as a staff member, you need to grow up for real. 2. None of the stuff he has said is disrespectful. You are just so butt hurt that you can't get through your little kid brain he might be trying to help. 3. You ask the other Head Admin to help you and see if LeFleur was being disrespectful, he says no, but since you have everything planned in your little kid brain, only the thing you desire will make you have a tantrum. 4. Grow the fuck up!
  8. His Name: Electric Nibba Server he's appealing for (DarkRP/Basewars): DarkRP His Steam ID: IDK. Could see if he adds it on this one or not. How long do they have left on your ban? Perm Ban Reason (not pls be a good boy, the one at the top): RDM x4 Who banned him: Bill Nye Reason why he should be unbanned: He shouldn't be. He should have his ban as x4 which equals 4 weeks. You may also talk to the staff member about punishments since it isn't permanent Evidence (Video/Screenshot) IF YOU SUBMIT THE BAN SCREEN AS EVIDENCE YOUR APPEAL WILL BE IGNORED!: BanID logs
  9. Did you even read it?
  10. Mommy: I should be unbanned because they all walked into it. Jpartalien: *Provides proof that he is bullshitting* Mommy: FUCK YOU YOUMOTHER FUCKER YOU SHOULDVE STAYED DEMOTED YOU MOTHER FUCKER I HAD 4 WITNESSES THAT I WAS RIGHT THAT MARK IS JUST A MINGE AND YOU KNOW IT HES A LIEING CUNT HE WAS RUNNING IN OUR BASE AND JUMPED OFF THE EDGE FUCK YOU Lefleur, Soap, BlueDazing, Micah, or Devin: Denied. Mommy:
  11. Yes, I know I am not staff.
  12. LMAO, the guy is deadass behind the wall. Ban Should Stay BTW, you're a fucking idiot for trying to get your way out of this.
  13. tbh seems like Mark hates Mommy so Mommy decided to MassRDM Mark etc. to then act all innocent when really they did MassRDM.
  14. Why would Mark Fuckerburg do this though?

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